TGI Friday's Potato Skin

 Please please don't say it na! I know I'm on a diet but hey there's a cheat day and I won't finish this all by myself naman! Here's a cheat day snack for me and my family. haha! My sister is the one who introduced this to us, as she was saying that this is a really good snack! I don't really like potato skins where I try to remove it when eating baked potato. But since she said this is good and I love trying new things and food, I gave it a shot!

Here's T.G.I. Friday's Potato Skin in Cheddar and Bacon flavor. It says that it is made from real potato skin. 

Look at how many is the content
Here in the Philippines we are more aware of T.G.I. Friday's as the restaurant and not much on their snacks. I've known their snacks for quite sometime already but didn't get to try it until now. Their snacks are still very T.G.I.F. which is very important! Consistency it should be (sorry for inserting my marketing thing here in my post hehehe)

So let's get it on and dig in!
Peeking through the potato skin 
Never mind this as it is cheat day haha!
My verdict:
  • It really taste like a real potato!
  • I can't feel nor taste the roughness of the potato skin! Like like like!
  • It's very crispy and crunchy!
  • It tastes so Bacon! Yehey!
  • Though it's cheddar and bacon flavor, it's not super salty.
This is super love! Great for pulutan, snack or if you just want to eat it. haha

The potato skin

Look how thin it is!

Never mind the ingredients! It's so good!


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