Cool Weather Outfit

It's NYE and my gosh! It's been a year of blogging again... :) I hope you all enjoyed my posts for 2013 and is wishing that you will all still keep me company on 2014. Time flies so fast it's as if nothing happened this 2013 but come to think of it we faced a lot of challenges specially here in the Philippines. But 2014 is so near, and another year of hope! I wish us all safety, prosperity, peace and always be with God in everything we do and everywhere we go.

Here's my last post for this 2013, while I was browsing through our latest travel photo for 2013 ...... I didn't realize that I do have some photos that I can share with you. Yipppee I am glad that I will be able to share with you one look only. (I need to train my parents to give me good shots for my fashion posts when we go to different lalalalands hehe)

When going to a different lllaaland, I always research for the weather and learned that it won't be too cold when we arrive at S land. So with that in mind, I knew that I should bring cool weather clothes but not the super thick ones. And by the way, since I will be going to S land I knew that I should be fashionable! People there are fashionable, we Filipinos are Fashionable too. :)

Since the weather is not super cold but it's colder than my usual tolerance of coldness, this trench coat served its purpose well. I love that it's in this bright color, since I know that I won't be taking this off most of the time then it should speak for itself na. hehe (Tip: No need to bring your whole cabinet just to look fashionable when on a trip. Just bring the right pieces and make sure these are all comfortable then you are good to go.) Paired it with jeans to be safe with the weather. I was planning on pairing it with thick tights but if the weather gets colder then my lower flabs will get frozen.

Lastly, it's only when I go to different lalalands that I am able to wear again my winter boots as it really protects my feet from getting cold. I can't wear it here in the Philippines even during cold season as I feel that it's too hot for me.

Since my trench coat doesn't really warm my neck, I still brought along with me winter scarves just to be sure. And true enough, I needed it later that night when we road the cruise. Lastly, as what you have read on my previous post how great this bag is! I think this bag would be my travel companion as it is very spacious plus it has lots of pockets that I can securely place my passport, cellphone, camera, wallet, coin purse, tissue, beauty pouch, pencil, travel notebook, etc. I even placed my scarf and cap and others. :)

Here are some S land postcards for you :)

Look at the fashionable young peeps at S Land.

And yes I even ate Ice Cream haha

Happy Halloween

(Stradivarius trench coat, Giordano Jeggings, Coach Bag, Muji winter boots and winter scarf)



Surfer look: It's a short kind of day

And it was a laid back day after Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank You for giving me this time to relax, chill, catch up on some things and bond more with my family and friends.

It's a laid back feel for this post! I super love to wear comfortable clothes and for me comfort will always be wearing shorts. haha 

And Yes, though it's Holiday season I find the weather a little hot. It's just only last night that I felt the cool wind of the season. But early that day, it was sunny heat so yes short it is. haha

Oh my another tiny shorts. Oooops hehe. I find that shorts now a days are tiny, a little shorter than my preferred length of shorts. But it's a little hard to look for a little longer shorts that fits well, shorts that are not long. haha Hope you get what I mean, so anyway who cares! I got this tiny shorts anyway. haha

I love its printed details so I paired it with a simple black polo shirt. Surfer look yeah?

To complete my surfer look, I wore this super comfortable footwear where at first I intend to use during rainy season only. But then it's comfortable and light weight so I can't help to use it more often already.

Since I will be running some errands that day, I decided to use my ever reliable big sling bag! I love this as it has a lot of functional pockets both in and out of the bag. I can wear it on my shoulders / sling / hand carry. I love this for being functional!

Lastly, as we will be watching a movie .... Yes! I do watch MMFF movies haha Guess what movie did we watched :) I need to bring me my cover up in case it gets cold. I bought several scarf during my last trip and now I am learning to use them. hehehe

And how I realized how can a scarf change a look from simple to fab! What a functional accessory! Though it's big, it's thin and soft that I can just shoot in my bag with out it being bulky! Very handy too!

Here's my soft scarf with skull design. I find it rebellious glamour look. :) 

Now, I have to learn how to make different looks using a scarf.

If you notice on my posts, I don't pile up several accessories anymore. I just don't feel like piling them lately so again I wore minimal accessories and tried to wear this native bracelet that I got from one of our Christmas Exchange Gift game. It's a Pinoy Native product! Since it's in color black I can use it and match it with my different looks. 

Hope you liked my Surfer look. :)

Here's another blooper post and now a macho post for you. hehe

(Surfer Paradise Polo Shirt, Cotton On shorts, Coach Bag, Ice Watch, Native Footwear, Atin Ito Pinoy Native Bracelet, Shanghai Scarf)


Cause It's Hot And It's Cold

During this Holiday Season I was not able to go out of country as I was not able to handle it due to busyness.. hehe But then to maximize this Holiday Season I am almost always out and is trying to finish all my personal errands that I won't be able to do when I go back to work. :)

I researched the Holiday weather at Tagaytay and learned that it's going to be sunny and a little cold at night. So basically it's going to be a hot day at the breezy Tagaytay. And here's what I decided to wear. :)

Since I know that it won't be to cool (which I hope the weather forecast was right) I decided to be ready with both heat and somehow a little of that cold weather. I pulled out this cover up thick I don't know what to call top and placed on top of this soft breezy dress underneath.

 I wanted to be just casual and move freely so a dress covered with a cold weather cover up is my way to go! Look that it's thick enough and high enough to keep me warm if the weather suddenly became breezingly cold.

I like it's cute accent that looks like I will be going somewhere super cold though this is just for a cold place.

I am also ready in case that the weather will be sunny hot with this long summery dress but in black. It's very comfortable, casual and feels very light to wear. I love that it also gives a silhouette of sexy look. haha It hides my flabs. hehe

To cap my casual look, I wore this super cute slip on flats with a pop of color. Again, since I am getting mature (boo) I already need to tone down my wearing of colors. Yes only tone down! I need not wear neutral colors only. So with a neutral look I opted to wear colors via my footwear, bag and accessory. haha

Though they are all in different colors, but they are just accents to my outfit giving me the right pop of color that I wanted.

For an old black dress, red colored slip on gave me a dash of color with out overwhelming COLORS. 

Now it's cold......

......... and now it's hot

My final look of neutral with pop of different colors looks.

Say hello to someone at my back enjoying the zip line while I do my fashion pic. haha!

(Mango cover up, Cotton On dress, Cambridge Satchel Bag, Ice Watch, Mel Footwear)


Roar! Animalistic Look

The festivity is not yet over! Here in the Philippines.... Christmas is like a month long Celebration or should I say when the calendar hits BER it is already Christmas! During Christmas we have a lot of get together events with friends and families! So here I am sharing you my ootd for one of our family dinner and again we had buffet! Lafang na kung lafang this Holiday Season!Oh no! But I am trying to watch what I eat this Holiday Season, medyo giving up na with all the festivities! hehe

Here's what I wore during our buffet dinner. When eating out on buffets I need to make sure that I am going to wear something loose! A breathable outfit where I can still breath and won't look like a suman after eating a lot. hehe

I wore this dress that one of my office mate gave me! I super love this dress! It just not fits me well, suites my style but it is a gift with love! Thank you very much madame! :)

It is a balance of sexy and sweet look. The length is just right, not too short nor too long so it doesn't look too sexy but sexy enough due to it's animal print with a little sheer top.

Sexyness in animal print with sheer top accent.

I love the details on the skirt part! How sexy and cute right?

With this dress, itodo na with this flats that is also in animalistic feel. It matches the look of balance of sexy and cute. It's so chic and sexy because of the cobra inspired style but cute as it looks like ballet flats.

With the animalistic look, I thought of not wearing to much accessories as the look is already strong. It's all about the dress! So I used a monotone bag but tried to wear something off and with a pop of color with my loud colored watch. I just felt I would want to be bold and have a different approach with this look. And I think it worked! haha

Walang echos but this dress is super comfortable!

I have a blooper pic for this post hehe.. wala lang! 

I hope you appreciated my different approach for this look. :)

(dress - gift from office mate, Steve Maiden flats, Celine bag, Ice Watch)


Christmas Party Costume : Super Girl

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed my Glitz and Glam interpretation that I wore during our annual Company Christmas Party. And the party was not yet over, of course we also had our annual departmental Christmas Party and decided to use Marvel Heroes as our code names for exchange gifts. And just for fun, we all agreed to dress up as our drawn Marvel Heroes, though we were not that serious at first! haha.  But then it turned out that most of us careered this crazy idea of ours (iba ang trip namin sa buhay haha! Pampasaya lang! hehe) 

For this Party, we didn't want to buy new costumes anymore as we just want to enjoy the party and trip trip lang talaga. So I searched and thought of what can I pull our from my wardrobe that will help me come up with this Super Girl look! And then I remembered I have these in my closet! haha Continue reading below! :)

 And this was my improvised look for Super Girl!

With out buying a real Super Girl costume you can try this mix and match together that you might already have in your closet. Or if you don't have them yet and should you decide to buy...... here are some of the things that you will surely be able to use over and over again.

For my top, I used my long sleeved polo which I used for my office attire in the morning and changed to Super Girl at night. With this, no need to change outfit from day to night.

For my bottom, I had to change. Since I must look corporate in the morning, I changed from slacks to these.... skater skirt (above) and luckily I have this blue tights that I have already blogged before. It was a good thing that the colors of my polo top and tights matched together! They are both in the same blue tone. 

Another thing! I am again using my ever reliable heeled red shoes that I use for both my corporate and not corporate look. For this one, I didn't have to change my footwear anymore for that day! Yippee! Less baggage for the day!

Lastly! How can I be super girl with our the Super Man logo! And yes! I just made a print out of it and stick it on my polo! haha (Yes I printed a super big one and didn't bother to reprint again haha!) Plus, I got my cape from the office where we do use cloths during events! haha Borrowed it and made it as my cape.

(Tyler long sleeves polo, Cotton On skater skirt, Teranova Tights, Terra and Agua Footwear, Cloth Cape)