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It's NYE and my gosh! It's been a year of blogging again... :) I hope you all enjoyed my posts for 2013 and is wishing that you will all still keep me company on 2014. Time flies so fast it's as if nothing happened this 2013 but come to think of it we faced a lot of challenges specially here in the Philippines. But 2014 is so near, and another year of hope! I wish us all safety, prosperity, peace and always be with God in everything we do and everywhere we go.

Here's my last post for this 2013, while I was browsing through our latest travel photo for 2013 ...... I didn't realize that I do have some photos that I can share with you. Yipppee I am glad that I will be able to share with you one look only. (I need to train my parents to give me good shots for my fashion posts when we go to different lalalalands hehe)

When going to a different lllaaland, I always research for the weather and learned that it won't be too cold when we arrive at S land. So with that in mind, I knew that I should bring cool weather clothes but not the super thick ones. And by the way, since I will be going to S land I knew that I should be fashionable! People there are fashionable, we Filipinos are Fashionable too. :)

Since the weather is not super cold but it's colder than my usual tolerance of coldness, this trench coat served its purpose well. I love that it's in this bright color, since I know that I won't be taking this off most of the time then it should speak for itself na. hehe (Tip: No need to bring your whole cabinet just to look fashionable when on a trip. Just bring the right pieces and make sure these are all comfortable then you are good to go.) Paired it with jeans to be safe with the weather. I was planning on pairing it with thick tights but if the weather gets colder then my lower flabs will get frozen.

Lastly, it's only when I go to different lalalands that I am able to wear again my winter boots as it really protects my feet from getting cold. I can't wear it here in the Philippines even during cold season as I feel that it's too hot for me.

Since my trench coat doesn't really warm my neck, I still brought along with me winter scarves just to be sure. And true enough, I needed it later that night when we road the cruise. Lastly, as what you have read on my previous post how great this bag is! I think this bag would be my travel companion as it is very spacious plus it has lots of pockets that I can securely place my passport, cellphone, camera, wallet, coin purse, tissue, beauty pouch, pencil, travel notebook, etc. I even placed my scarf and cap and others. :)

Here are some S land postcards for you :)

Look at the fashionable young peeps at S Land.

And yes I even ate Ice Cream haha

Happy Halloween

(Stradivarius trench coat, Giordano Jeggings, Coach Bag, Muji winter boots and winter scarf)


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