Roar! Animalistic Look

The festivity is not yet over! Here in the Philippines.... Christmas is like a month long Celebration or should I say when the calendar hits BER it is already Christmas! During Christmas we have a lot of get together events with friends and families! So here I am sharing you my ootd for one of our family dinner and again we had buffet! Lafang na kung lafang this Holiday Season!Oh no! But I am trying to watch what I eat this Holiday Season, medyo giving up na with all the festivities! hehe

Here's what I wore during our buffet dinner. When eating out on buffets I need to make sure that I am going to wear something loose! A breathable outfit where I can still breath and won't look like a suman after eating a lot. hehe

I wore this dress that one of my office mate gave me! I super love this dress! It just not fits me well, suites my style but it is a gift with love! Thank you very much madame! :)

It is a balance of sexy and sweet look. The length is just right, not too short nor too long so it doesn't look too sexy but sexy enough due to it's animal print with a little sheer top.

Sexyness in animal print with sheer top accent.

I love the details on the skirt part! How sexy and cute right?

With this dress, itodo na with this flats that is also in animalistic feel. It matches the look of balance of sexy and cute. It's so chic and sexy because of the cobra inspired style but cute as it looks like ballet flats.

With the animalistic look, I thought of not wearing to much accessories as the look is already strong. It's all about the dress! So I used a monotone bag but tried to wear something off and with a pop of color with my loud colored watch. I just felt I would want to be bold and have a different approach with this look. And I think it worked! haha

Walang echos but this dress is super comfortable!

I have a blooper pic for this post hehe.. wala lang! 

I hope you appreciated my different approach for this look. :)

(dress - gift from office mate, Steve Maiden flats, Celine bag, Ice Watch)


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