Cause It's Hot And It's Cold

During this Holiday Season I was not able to go out of country as I was not able to handle it due to busyness.. hehe But then to maximize this Holiday Season I am almost always out and is trying to finish all my personal errands that I won't be able to do when I go back to work. :)

I researched the Holiday weather at Tagaytay and learned that it's going to be sunny and a little cold at night. So basically it's going to be a hot day at the breezy Tagaytay. And here's what I decided to wear. :)

Since I know that it won't be to cool (which I hope the weather forecast was right) I decided to be ready with both heat and somehow a little of that cold weather. I pulled out this cover up thick I don't know what to call top and placed on top of this soft breezy dress underneath.

 I wanted to be just casual and move freely so a dress covered with a cold weather cover up is my way to go! Look that it's thick enough and high enough to keep me warm if the weather suddenly became breezingly cold.

I like it's cute accent that looks like I will be going somewhere super cold though this is just for a cold place.

I am also ready in case that the weather will be sunny hot with this long summery dress but in black. It's very comfortable, casual and feels very light to wear. I love that it also gives a silhouette of sexy look. haha It hides my flabs. hehe

To cap my casual look, I wore this super cute slip on flats with a pop of color. Again, since I am getting mature (boo) I already need to tone down my wearing of colors. Yes only tone down! I need not wear neutral colors only. So with a neutral look I opted to wear colors via my footwear, bag and accessory. haha

Though they are all in different colors, but they are just accents to my outfit giving me the right pop of color that I wanted.

For an old black dress, red colored slip on gave me a dash of color with out overwhelming COLORS. 

Now it's cold......

......... and now it's hot

My final look of neutral with pop of different colors looks.

Say hello to someone at my back enjoying the zip line while I do my fashion pic. haha!

(Mango cover up, Cotton On dress, Cambridge Satchel Bag, Ice Watch, Mel Footwear)


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