Chatime Strawberry Milk Tea

I love drinking milk teas! One of my favorite milk tea brand is Chatime. I've tried several flavors already and yesterday I saw their strawberry based flavors. Again, the weather is soooo hooot!! I wanted a refreshing drink and Chatime was my pick. They have a wide variety of drinks that you can choose from!

Here's what I got.

With out Flash

With Flash

There are really strawberries inside the drink.
My verdict:
  • Balance of milk, tea and strawberry flavors! No particular element is over powering.
  • It's like a milk tea strawberry shake! Yum yum yum!!
  • Very refreshing specially with the heat of the summer.
  • I got it at less sugar and less ice and it's a little sweet for me, for this flavor I can do it at 50% sugar. (Sweetness really depends on each and every one's taste)
  • Overall, I would definitely want to get this flavor again!
  • By the way it is very affordable. Large size is only Php 90.00
Here at the other Strawberry based drinks of Chatime.

To know more about milk teas, check out Awesome King Ling's blog about Milk Tea Lympics 2012.


Nivea Visage Sunblock

As a beauty blogger and mu enthusiast, my everyday must have item is a facial sunblock. I became knowledgeable about its benefits in several beauty shows, read in beauty articles, magazines and heard it from my friends.

What does it do?? Aside from taking care of our skin as it blocks UVA and UVB rays of the sun, it also helps us to prevent future wrinkles and lines. As the saying, prevention is better than cure. We should take care of our skin as early as our teen age years. There are a lot of facial sunblocks available in the market with ample spf for everyday use. When the sun is up you should use at least SPF 30 while SPF 15 when it's cloudy or when your indoor (I am no expert on this, so researching will help you better understand:) ).  

To help you pick the right facial sunblock here are my personal guidelines.
  • It should not be sticky on the face.
  • It does not make our face turn to color white.
  • Easy to blend. 
  • Oil free or good for oily skin.
  • Has at least SPF 30
After trying out a lot of sunblock available in the market. Finally!! I found one brand that completes my personal guidelines. It's Nivea Visage facial sunblock.

Can you see that it blended with my skin? Applied it at the right part of my hand. 

This sunblock really answers my need in searching for a sunblock. And the bonus part! It is readily avaialable in leading supermarkets and department stores.



St. Ives Apricot Scrub

We girls are very particular with our skin. Make up won't be perfect with out a perfect skin! Besides our daily skin care routine and monthly facials we also need weekly scrubs to remove dead skin cells. This will help us to have healthy and rejuvenated skin. When you feel good with your skin, you will definitely feel beautiful and confident.

St. Ives is a popular brand for facial scrubs, I learned and have been using it since high school. I've got to use other brands as well and now I'm back with St. Ives.

Here's what I got.

I got this variant as you know, I have oily skin (hindi naman na ako teenager ah! Looks like teenager lang! haha!!) As you can see it is oil free, blemish and blackhead control and it has salicylic acid. 

Can you see the fine little apricot scrubs?? 

My verdict:
  • It does not dry up my skin.
  • My skin felt smooth right after using it.
  • Removed my dead skin cells.
  • I'm not sure if it really removed blackheads.
  • I like the apricot smell!! Like Like Like!!!
  • It's not harsh to the skin.
But all in all I like it and I will continue to use it. I will use this as my exfoliating product!

What are you using? Share your story with me.




You all know that I am more of a flats person. I confess that it's really hard for me to wear high heels! It doesn't matter if it's branded or not. Well well well, as the saying goes..... in every rule there's always an exception. And Yes! For me too, I have an exception to this fact. haha!!! And I'm happy to share with you all my high heels savior, Pill footwear!   

I've known Pill ever since it started. But then again, I only get their flats since I feel comfortable wearing flats. But of course us girls, we do sacrifice comfort vs style specially on some occasions when we do really need to wear high heels. And I'm glad that my feet fell in love with Pill footwear (this may seem O.A but I am just sharing my honest experience) and I am very comfortable wearing high heels of Pill

Here's my latest Pill adore :)

To know more about Pill check out their multiply site http://pillfootwear.multiply.com/ and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/PILL-Clothing-and-Footwear

What are your latest Pill buy??? Chika it to me! Happy Shopping and be fashyon! :)



Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Where have you been heading this summer? I'm sure that most of you have been searching for the best sunblock to protect the skin when hitting the water. This is a must to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun. But have you also considered taking care of your skin after staying under the sun for a long period of time? Surely sunburn ang labas! That's why there's already soothing gels available in the market. And I am very happy that I have found this product!! Yippeee!!! 

Aloe Veras are known for the soothing, healing and rejuvenating properties. That's why I was very happy to see this product! I got it in one of the bazaars that I attended early this year. This is Aloe Vera Skin Gel with Rice Milk Extract.

With Out Flash

With Flash

Here's my verdict:
  • I super love its smell! It smells like coconut and milk! Ang yummy! haha
  • It is not sticky! This is very important specially with the heat we have here in the Philippines. We need moisturizers and nourishers that are not sticky.
  • It feels like I just applied water but I felt my skin was moisturized.
  • I super love it and since I don't know where to get this again, tinitipid ko siya! :)
Just want to share with you that when testing this product, I used it for one week with my elbows and it really work! My elbows became smooth and feels nourished ( I guess because of its rice milk property). Over all I super super super love it!!! As in!

Enjoy the summer!



Chief Clothing

I have a teenager nephew, the reason why I've been exposed to guy fashion starting early this year. In  fact I had a dilemma on how to help my nephew how to search for his prom attire! But I won't talk about that! haha It's summer time again and most of the time we can see a lot of summer must haves! The latest bikinis, cover ups, flip flops, hats, bags, sunnies and even accessories. It's all over the metro! As in! From malls and online shops, there's a lot to choose from! But wait wait wait, summer is not just for us girls! Summer is more fun when we get to enjoy it with guy friends, boyfriends, brothers, hubbys and fathers. And of course dapat din nilang fumashyon (they also need to be fashionable). Upon searching for guys summer must haves, I suddenly learned about Chief Clothing. Chief Clothing cater to men's lifestyle clothing where they specialized in vintage shops. And as the owner developed the brand, Chief Clothing is not just your ordinary men's wear but also promotes life style. I love what Chief said that "It is the way of living where one values the importance of living life. " To know more about their mission and their advocacy, check out their website http://www.chiefclothing.com/

I think Chief Clothing has a simple yet truly a strong statement style!

(Pictures got from their website)

Check out their The Beach Pack collection for more designs.

By the way before I end this post, join Chief Clothing's contest! You can get the chance to win a 2 night stay at The Circle Hostel at Zambales! Are you excited?? Go to this link to find out.

To the winner! Share me your experience! :)



Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi

It's Snoe time again! Yipee!! With the long (Holy week) vacation besides reflecting, I got the chance to use some Snoe items that I got during Snoe Suntervention Bloggers event. For this post, I would like to share my experience with Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Clay Mask. I got this item after the staff of Snoe told me that it is good for reducing pores, acne prone skin and helps remove black heads. In my bubble thought (mind you I had this long thorough deliberation on my head haha), this would be a great product for me to rejuvenate my skin, eliminate some blackheads, dry up break outs and whiten blemishes. It was like hitting the jackpot! This mask has all the things that I needed and or wanted and the best thing is ...... I don't need to look for several products to address my objectives haha. And lastly, it is good for all skin types! To be honest, I am picky and careful when choosing anything that will be applied to my face since I have oily skin. And this product passed to my requirements and or check list.  

Let's take a look at the actual product.

  • Grayish color due to the activated bamboo charcoal (Attracts and absorbs impurities. Unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells. Removes excess oils and impurities).
  • It has superb calamsi smell! As in super bango talaga! 
  • Thick and smooth texture.
Additional ingredients that makes this product do the work.

Kaolin: Cleanses, purifies, heals, soothes, nourishes and tones all skin types, improves blood circulation, detoxifies with out leading to skin dryness.

Collagen: Rejuvenates maturing skin, elasticize and softens, delays aging skin, hydrates, and moisturizes, improves skin pigmentation.

To use the product:

After cleaning the face, apply Snoe White Vitamin C-Rich Calamansi and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes or until the mask hardens. Rinse well!

It's time to test the product!

This is so embarrassing haha!! But I want to show you that the mask turned to bluish color after settling on my face. 

Here's my verdict:
  • I love the great calamansi smell when applied to the face.
  • It is very easy to apply due to the smooth and thick texture.
  • But it is a little bit hard to rinse.
  • I felt a little cooling effect while waiting for 5 to 10 minutes! Like like like.
  • In an instant, my face really became very smooth.
  • It leaves a squeaky feeling since it removes dead skin cells.
  • I noticed that my face whitened instantly. 
Overall, I like this product! This would be a great easy alternative if I am too busy and won't be able to visit my dermatologist anytime soon. (hey hey hey, never the less facial is still a must!) The great smell adds to the girly factor, it feels refreshing specially with the pollution and make up that my face encounter everyday! It's nice to let my face breathe and relax. For those who are very much into glutathione, try this product and see for yourself. Share your experience with me too.

Disclaimer: I got the item during Snoe Suntervention Bloggers event, review about the product is base on my own experience and honest opinion.

I am still sleepy and just took a picture to show you how the product worked for me. You may see that my skin looks dewy. (I only applied minimal compact powder, concealer for blemishes and under eye, little blusher and lip balm and focus on the skin).




When I saw this necklace! I can't resist to get and wear this on Easter Sunday! Finally, the time has arrived for this addorrry to be worn.

Knitted tops are great for summers! It is breezy and cool due to it's (what I call) whole in the wall texture. Can you see the studs??? It adds spunk and a little classiness to contrast the casual look.

It's Easter Sunday and Jesus has risen! Hope everyone had their own time to reflect and fast. So here's my Easter inspired look! You can see the candy colored combinations! Yipee!! I love colors!!! Pastel and candy colors are the best way to go on a Hot Summer Easter Sunday. Very chillax, casual and comfortable feeling.

(Forever 21 Knitted top, Zara sleeveless top, Landmark necklace, Powerplant shorts, Kenneth Cole Bag, Sole Sister Flats)


Persian Kebab

Here's another food post, I am very adventurous in trying out different types of cuisine. Persian food is relatively not new to my taste buds but something not common. I want to share with you my latest Persian Food experience at Persian Kebab.

A must starter for Persian food are Pita paired with dips, we ordered Pita with motubal (eggplant base). This pair is really good, I love the light taste of Motubal.

Eating at Persian Kebab won't be complete with out having Shawarma and Kebab which are the popular Persian Foods. Persian Kebab have several approach with their Shawarma, you may have it  the usual way we are familiar (wrapped) or on plate. We tried it on plate, the veggies included are fresh while the beef was soft and tender. It may look few but the quantity was just enough. The beef on the kebab was good, it was soft, sausage like and grilled taste. The best thing about the Kebab is the Jasmine rice, it was very soft and has very nice aroma. 

We also ordered their Strawberry Yougurt Shake since it was very enticing with the very hot weather here in the Philippines despite occasional rains. I liked it because it was very refreshing! It has a balance of the light strawberry taste with milky yougurt. The great thing about this shake is that it doesn't have big blocks of shaved ice. Yippee!!!

Persian Kebab has great food and is priced affordably. For our orders, Pita - Php 15.00 each, Motubal - Php 50.00, Beef Shawarma with Cheese on Plate - Pho 75.00, Beef Kebab - Php 160.00 and Strawberry Yougurt Shake - Php 50.00

Happy Eating!!! :)


Slice Banana Pudding

I love eating fruits and desserts in general! When I saw this banana pudding of Slice, with out any hesitations I bought one.

Slice Banana Pudding has 3 layers, pudding (bottom), banana filling (middle) and pudding again (top).

  • The pudding tastes so good, it is not to sweet and has a nice smooth texture.
  • The banana filling is a little sweet which balances the light taste of the pudding. It taste somehow like a banana bread (I love banana breads too! haha).
Overall this dessert is really good, it is not heavy that is great for  dessert or snack. But it is a little pricey. Each costs 90 bucks each. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Slice, got the item at my own expense :)




Shoes / footwear can speak for a whole look! Wearing sparkling shoes can make a statment in a simple attire. You may see that I wore neutral colors that day since I felt I wanna look my age. haha! But to make the whole look more fun, I wore this cute sparkling shoes which I also had in silver. Neutral colors doesn't mean oh so boring, have it in shiny textures, ruffled accentuate, nice cut, etc. Bring the fun when wearing neutral colors! Share your fun neutral look with me too!

(BKK top, Anne Klein necklace, right bracelet got it from office, left bracelet from rockwell bazaar (I forgot the brand hehe), Giordano Jeggings, BKK bag (which I got several years ago and it is still good), SM shoes)