Nivea Visage Sunblock

As a beauty blogger and mu enthusiast, my everyday must have item is a facial sunblock. I became knowledgeable about its benefits in several beauty shows, read in beauty articles, magazines and heard it from my friends.

What does it do?? Aside from taking care of our skin as it blocks UVA and UVB rays of the sun, it also helps us to prevent future wrinkles and lines. As the saying, prevention is better than cure. We should take care of our skin as early as our teen age years. There are a lot of facial sunblocks available in the market with ample spf for everyday use. When the sun is up you should use at least SPF 30 while SPF 15 when it's cloudy or when your indoor (I am no expert on this, so researching will help you better understand:) ).  

To help you pick the right facial sunblock here are my personal guidelines.
  • It should not be sticky on the face.
  • It does not make our face turn to color white.
  • Easy to blend. 
  • Oil free or good for oily skin.
  • Has at least SPF 30
After trying out a lot of sunblock available in the market. Finally!! I found one brand that completes my personal guidelines. It's Nivea Visage facial sunblock.

Can you see that it blended with my skin? Applied it at the right part of my hand. 

This sunblock really answers my need in searching for a sunblock. And the bonus part! It is readily avaialable in leading supermarkets and department stores.


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