Persian Kebab

Here's another food post, I am very adventurous in trying out different types of cuisine. Persian food is relatively not new to my taste buds but something not common. I want to share with you my latest Persian Food experience at Persian Kebab.

A must starter for Persian food are Pita paired with dips, we ordered Pita with motubal (eggplant base). This pair is really good, I love the light taste of Motubal.

Eating at Persian Kebab won't be complete with out having Shawarma and Kebab which are the popular Persian Foods. Persian Kebab have several approach with their Shawarma, you may have it  the usual way we are familiar (wrapped) or on plate. We tried it on plate, the veggies included are fresh while the beef was soft and tender. It may look few but the quantity was just enough. The beef on the kebab was good, it was soft, sausage like and grilled taste. The best thing about the Kebab is the Jasmine rice, it was very soft and has very nice aroma. 

We also ordered their Strawberry Yougurt Shake since it was very enticing with the very hot weather here in the Philippines despite occasional rains. I liked it because it was very refreshing! It has a balance of the light strawberry taste with milky yougurt. The great thing about this shake is that it doesn't have big blocks of shaved ice. Yippee!!!

Persian Kebab has great food and is priced affordably. For our orders, Pita - Php 15.00 each, Motubal - Php 50.00, Beef Shawarma with Cheese on Plate - Pho 75.00, Beef Kebab - Php 160.00 and Strawberry Yougurt Shake - Php 50.00

Happy Eating!!! :)


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