Yellow Yum Thanksgiving Giveaway

It's February 29! People are greeting Happy Leap Year today. Do you anyone who's birthday is today?? :)

Onto my post! I just want to share with you guys about Ms. Yellow Yum's Thanksgiving Giveaway! (Another Trivia: I was inspired to set up this blog because of my dear friend Yellow Yum).

Check out her blog and her currently ongoing Yellow Yum Thanksgiving Giveaway!!



Lorys Hair Cream

I've been reading a lot of reviews about Lory's Hair Cream and I was totally curious and eager to try it on my hair. Just in time, early this year I saw Lorys Hair Cream from one of the "groupon", techinically it should be e-discount coupons. And as happy as I was, I purchased one since I was very convinced to try the product!! Bonus for me, it is only priced Php 195.00  for 1000g. I got the big size for the price of small one! Yipppeee!!! Normally, this is priced Php 185.00 for 350g and Php 349.00 for 1000g at leading department and beauty stores.

I chose Duo Chocolate variant since I just colored my hair late last year (see my blog here about Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring), I wanted to enhance it by making my hair even smoother and shinier.

Yipee!! 1000g!!! haha

Looks yummy too right??? hehe
 As instructed, I leaved it on my hair for 15 minutes for a more conditioning and moisturizing treatment. Another option, you can also leave it for 2 minutes like a regular conditioner.

Emote emotan ang beauty ko! haha

Here's my verdict:
  • It really has rich texture.
  • It smells suuupppperrr good! As in!!! I can really smell the chocolate aroma. (Gusto ko tuloy kumain ng chocolate! haha)
  • Very user friendly, very easy to use, you don't need heating machines to use it.
  • This can be a very good alternative for Hot Oil treatment specially for busy gals.
  • Very affordable!!!
  • It really works! 
  • My hair felt smooth and less frizy even after several days with out using any conditioner. 
I will definitely continue using it and will try the other variants as well. Excited to use it again this week even if my hair is still ok! Yippee!!




Super comfy with nice bib detail.

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Super nice details, there's a flower and a star! Cute!

There's a dove too....

Cute butterfly like design. (Didn't notice it, until this post. haha)

Since it is sooo hot here in the Philippines, I wanted to wear a sheer top. Coincidentally it matched with my Jade bracelet, which was given to me by my parents from their recent trip to China. I also matched it with a thin fabric shorts with big rounded buttons for a casual look. And the rest, I drew the inspiration from my Jade bracelet by matching it with pearls and another bracelet in blue green. I wore a contrasting shade of footwear to add color to my outfit and break the monotonous greenish look. Cool, relax and fresh look for a super sunny day! Wear super minimal MU, since it was really super hot! 

(Bangkok top, shorts c/o my sister, Jade bracelet, Palawan Pearls bracelet, Charm bracelet (got it from my officemte), iPANEMA Gisele Bundchen Queen Ladies Sandal in Coral, Longchamp Le Pliage )



DVF Dairy Farm Gatas ng Kalabaw

Gatas ng Kalabaw (Carabao's milk) we meet again!I discovered DVF Gatas ng Kalabaw 3 years ago. I heard a lot of good things about Gatas ng Kalabaw as having vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. So when I first saw this at the mall, with out any hesitations I bought one and tried it. 

 Yesterday, after finishing work errands and was about to buy some drinks I saw DVF Gatas ng Kalabaw again (which reminded me that it is available in supermarkets). I got the chocolate flavor to share it with my sister and nephew (we always get the big size DVF Gatas ng Kalabaw in chocolate flavor). I also decided to get a small original flavor since I want to recall its taste (Hindi pa nakuntento sa isa, small naman e... hehehe).

 DVF Gatas ng Kalabaw.

  •  On the first sip, it tasted weird but as I continuously drinked it. I liked it. It actually tasted good.
  •  Has thick and creamy texture.
  • Has a different smell (but it's not strong). 
  • Has an after taste, but in the end it is addicting! Super Like!!!
  • Php 75.00 for 320ml size.

DVF Gatas ng Kalabaw in Chocolate Flavor

  • The chocolate had concentrated at the bottom of the bottle already, so you need to shake it well so that the chocolate will blend with the milk.
  • Balance of the chocolate and Carabao's milk.
  • Has just the right sweetness, not too sweet.
  • Maintained the thick and creamy texture.
  • Php 170.00 for 1 Liter size. 

Overall I like it! Try it now!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with DVF Dairy Farm. Bought the items myself.



Dove Hair Therapy

We all know that Dove recently added a new line in their product portfolio and they have been promoting it non-stop! Their TV ad was all over especially during its launch period and of course their intensive sampling. I even got samples from yogurt and milk tea chains! During my latest out of the country trip, Dove Hair Therapy was also been extensively promoted.

Dove Hair Therapy! When I first saw their TV commercial I got intrigued and wanted to try it. Good thing that they have been providing samples for people to initially try it. For this post, I want to share with you if I would buy the product base on the samples I will try.

Great presentation! They were able to present the whole line and description of the product. It helps to communicate the features of the product even in the absence of a push girl. Great Job!

The sample kit includes one shampoo and one conditioner of the intense repair variant.

Great thing about Dove Hair Therapy:

    • Rich formula
    • Nice smell (I only like fruity smell for hair care, but I liked this one)
    • Sachet has the right amount
    • Has shimmery / silky texture that is so cute (Don't get scared, it won't make your hair shine in glitters)
    • Creamy in color
After using the Shampoo and Conditioner (used both items on separate days to know the result of each), it made my hair soft! My verdict..........     I will buy the product to test it on a regular basis if it will really work as it promise.

But overall, this trial convinced me to buy their product and continue to use it.

P.S. If you want to see the result of my hair, check out my First Fashion Blog, go to this link Fashion Blog.



First Time

My first fashion blog! hehe 

Back ground: This blog was initially meant to be a fashion blog for less (reason for my blog name, will talk about it on my page) as suggested and supported much by my sister! She was the one who really encouraged me to pursue my desire of blogging. But given the shy type me (haha shy naman ako diba!!!) I did not have the courage yet to do a fashion post on my first blog post. But I took that as blessings in disguise as I continuously had several topics to blog about. 

So here's my first fashion blog! Hope you'll like it! 

Shyness talaga ako! haha

Awkward pose! Will get the hang of it next time. hehe

(Greenhills dress, Christmas bazaar cherry necklace (I super love this!!!), bracelet (gift from my style idol hehe), Lyn footwear, Kate Spade bag)

I attended a family friend's wedding on a Sunday Lunch. The mood was somehow smart casual to formal, I opted to wear a simple dress so I won't be over dressed and also under dressed. I wore minimal accessories that day, since it's a Chinese wedding it will surely be Lauriat. I didn't want my accessories to be hanging just above the food when getting (considered other people hehe!). It's the love month which coincidentally matched with my heart footwear. haha!!

A simple dress is the way to go when you don't know what to wear on a Sunday lunch event. Minimal accessory during a Lauriat wedding event. Minimal make up for a fresh and vibrant look. Just a hint of blush for that rosy cheek, eyeliner to minimize chinky eyes and peach lipstick for a pretty smile.


K-Palette Eyeliner

You already know that I am fund of make ups and while I was on the search of brow make up. I found this K-Palette Tattoo... ooohhhh intriguing right?? haha!!

K-Palette is a Japanese brand. The word tattoo basically means that this product stays long period of time. When I say "long period of time" it means 24 hours! That's great right???

Here in the Philippines, K-Palette is available in Eyeliner and Eyebrow liners. Both are available in 2 colors (black and deep brown). As I was choosing what to buy, I ended up getting K-Palette Eyeliner in deep brown. Since I have full brows, I really don't need eyebrow make up (I just need to groom it well). So I opted to buy K-Palette Eyeliner and chose deep brown color since I look strong when I use black eyeliners. Brown eyeliners soothe me well. :)

What's great about K-Palette eyeliner tattoo:

  •  It stays 24 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge - proof
  • Easy to remove (you only need water and soap)
  • Nice pointed brush tip for fine application

Can you see the pointed brush????

Very fine line!!! Like!
My chinky eyes.. :)
Right eye with K-Palette liner.
You can see a more defined and bigger eye. :)
Took this picture when we got home. Eyeliner is still intact.
You'll notice that the winged part is gone, I took it off even before going out. For my eye, I only need to place eyeliner at the lower part of my eyes. 

Available in all beauty bars for only P895!



Sophie's Mom

Sugar sugar why can't I resist you! My family and I are very much into mochi ice cream. We were very addicted to Nestle Mochi Ice Cream during our trip to Beijing!! Although it was freezing cold that time we still kept on eating mochi ice cream any time of the day. After breakfast, before going to sleep etc. hahaha (Addicted much???)

With that addiction, we have been looking for the best mochi ice cream here in the Philippines. Luckily we found Sophie's Mom! Yahhhoooo!!!!!! Addiction here we come!! haha!!! We were so happy when we found out that Sophie's Mom is near our place!!! Yipee!!

Sophie's Mom is really known for their mochi ice cream and now their cupcakes. They are also doing specialized cupcake arrangement for any occasion.

For this post, I would like to talk about their mochi ice cream and some of their cupcakes. On a side note, I have tried some of their items before like Red Velvet Cupcake, Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream, Cookie Dough Mochi Ice Cream, etc. which I was not able to blog before.

So now to continue with my post, I want to share with you my latest Sophie's Mom experience. Like Like Like hahaha!!!

Sophie's Mom Mochi Ice Cream is available in several flavors. When I first knew about Sophie's Mom, their Mochi Ice Cream were always sold out. But now they have more stocks available, Thank God!! hehe

On a lazy Saturday, after running some errands, my sister, nephew and I went to Sophie's Mom to grab some Mochi Ice Cream and Cupcakes.

So here's what we got.

Mochi Ice Cream

Each packed separately
They indicate the flavors to easily identify the flavors.

I got Valrhona Chocolate (dark chocolate) is also good but it didn't taste like dark chocolate. It is just chocolate but I still liked it. I can tell that the chocolate ice cream is of good quality and also a good match with the mochi.

My sister tried Banoffee flavor and it really tasted as the famous Banoffee Pie! Like this! It's not too sweet and the flavor is so good. This is a must try!

Lastly my nephew (by the way is also a blogger, check out his blog http://awesomekingling.blogspot.com/) got Frozen Brazo. It really tasted like Brazo De Mercedes but not as sweet as the cakes out there! This tasted even better than the cakes. hehe Yummy!!!

Took a picture with out flash, so you can see the actual frozen brazo color. :)

The mochi is not too sweet and it really holds the ice cream just right. The ice cream is really of good quality and the flavors gives justice to their name. Sophie's Mom lives up to our expectation for a good Mochi Ice Cream.


Dulce De Leche, Oreo Cheese Cake, Creme Brulee
I got intrigued with the Creme Brulee cupcake so with out any hesitation I chose this one ( I always get their red velvet, will try to blog about that next time). I like the cupcake because it is very moist and soft. The chocolate cupcake  is just right, not to sweet but sweet enough for my sweet tooth (Ang sweet ng sentence! haha) The creme brulee on top is too sweet and hard (Creme Brulee nga diba! haha) because it is sugar. Over all I liked it.

I required my sister to get Dulce De Leche even if she wanted to get Mango cupcake.hehe Thanks sis! The cupcake tastes the same with the cupcake of Creme Brulee. But the other elements of the cupcake like the icing that really tasted like a chocolate is soooo good! One thing about this is that the de leche part is too little, it's hard to taste it. If they put more De Leche then this would have been heavenly, but overall this is still good.

De Leche in the middle

 My nephew for several times already, always picks this flavor. He really likes the combination of the cheese cake with the Oreo. This is really good, you can taste the cheesecake and the Oreo. The cheesecake taste mild that complements the sweet taste of the Oreo. Will give this 2 thumbs up! This is a must buy!!! Love it. They also have a red velvet of this kind that I will also try to blog along with the cupcake (cookie type).

Each mochi ice cream is sold at P40 each while the cupcake is at P50 each.
Visit Sophie's Mom's Face Book Page for more details.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sophie's Mom.