Ron Weasly

I've been a fan of Harry Potter the movie, from Sorcerer's Stone until Deathly Hallows. I have also read the book but was not able to finish it until the 7th book. hehe

How time flies and all three Harry Potter lead stars have grown up as fine young men and woman.

The lead star Harry Potter, in real life Daniel Radcliffe has a new horror film entitled The Woman in Black. I learned about this during my recent trip in Bangkok.

The witty Hermione Granger, in real life Ema Watson have been the face of several luxurious brands (ei, Burberry, Lancome, etc.) as their endorser.

Last but not the least of the three main characters. Ron Weasly stars in Ed Sheeran's Music Video Lego House.

Before I went to sleep last night (while doing my beautification haha!) I opened the television and switched the channel to MTV. This song was playing! When I changed the channel to channel V, this song was playing again. And when I woke up and opened the TV to watch news, before I change the channel to local news, this song was again playing on TV. Lalo ko tuloy nagugustuhan yung song!! Wee!!! :)

Let us see how far Lego House can reach! (Hopefully this can reach the top ten billboard)

I got hooked to the song because the tone and the content of the song is so nice. And mind you! Ed Sheeran can sing! Bravo!! A career awaiting for the three Harry Potter superstars!

(I just want to share the song! hehe)


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