K-Palette Eyeliner

You already know that I am fund of make ups and while I was on the search of brow make up. I found this K-Palette Tattoo... ooohhhh intriguing right?? haha!!

K-Palette is a Japanese brand. The word tattoo basically means that this product stays long period of time. When I say "long period of time" it means 24 hours! That's great right???

Here in the Philippines, K-Palette is available in Eyeliner and Eyebrow liners. Both are available in 2 colors (black and deep brown). As I was choosing what to buy, I ended up getting K-Palette Eyeliner in deep brown. Since I have full brows, I really don't need eyebrow make up (I just need to groom it well). So I opted to buy K-Palette Eyeliner and chose deep brown color since I look strong when I use black eyeliners. Brown eyeliners soothe me well. :)

What's great about K-Palette eyeliner tattoo:

  •  It stays 24 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge - proof
  • Easy to remove (you only need water and soap)
  • Nice pointed brush tip for fine application

Can you see the pointed brush????

Very fine line!!! Like!
My chinky eyes.. :)
Right eye with K-Palette liner.
You can see a more defined and bigger eye. :)
Took this picture when we got home. Eyeliner is still intact.
You'll notice that the winged part is gone, I took it off even before going out. For my eye, I only need to place eyeliner at the lower part of my eyes. 

Available in all beauty bars for only P895!