Super comfy with nice bib detail.

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Super nice details, there's a flower and a star! Cute!

There's a dove too....

Cute butterfly like design. (Didn't notice it, until this post. haha)

Since it is sooo hot here in the Philippines, I wanted to wear a sheer top. Coincidentally it matched with my Jade bracelet, which was given to me by my parents from their recent trip to China. I also matched it with a thin fabric shorts with big rounded buttons for a casual look. And the rest, I drew the inspiration from my Jade bracelet by matching it with pearls and another bracelet in blue green. I wore a contrasting shade of footwear to add color to my outfit and break the monotonous greenish look. Cool, relax and fresh look for a super sunny day! Wear super minimal MU, since it was really super hot! 

(Bangkok top, shorts c/o my sister, Jade bracelet, Palawan Pearls bracelet, Charm bracelet (got it from my officemte), iPANEMA Gisele Bundchen Queen Ladies Sandal in Coral, Longchamp Le Pliage )


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