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Sugar sugar why can't I resist you! My family and I are very much into mochi ice cream. We were very addicted to Nestle Mochi Ice Cream during our trip to Beijing!! Although it was freezing cold that time we still kept on eating mochi ice cream any time of the day. After breakfast, before going to sleep etc. hahaha (Addicted much???)

With that addiction, we have been looking for the best mochi ice cream here in the Philippines. Luckily we found Sophie's Mom! Yahhhoooo!!!!!! Addiction here we come!! haha!!! We were so happy when we found out that Sophie's Mom is near our place!!! Yipee!!

Sophie's Mom is really known for their mochi ice cream and now their cupcakes. They are also doing specialized cupcake arrangement for any occasion.

For this post, I would like to talk about their mochi ice cream and some of their cupcakes. On a side note, I have tried some of their items before like Red Velvet Cupcake, Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream, Cookie Dough Mochi Ice Cream, etc. which I was not able to blog before.

So now to continue with my post, I want to share with you my latest Sophie's Mom experience. Like Like Like hahaha!!!

Sophie's Mom Mochi Ice Cream is available in several flavors. When I first knew about Sophie's Mom, their Mochi Ice Cream were always sold out. But now they have more stocks available, Thank God!! hehe

On a lazy Saturday, after running some errands, my sister, nephew and I went to Sophie's Mom to grab some Mochi Ice Cream and Cupcakes.

So here's what we got.

Mochi Ice Cream

Each packed separately
They indicate the flavors to easily identify the flavors.

I got Valrhona Chocolate (dark chocolate) is also good but it didn't taste like dark chocolate. It is just chocolate but I still liked it. I can tell that the chocolate ice cream is of good quality and also a good match with the mochi.

My sister tried Banoffee flavor and it really tasted as the famous Banoffee Pie! Like this! It's not too sweet and the flavor is so good. This is a must try!

Lastly my nephew (by the way is also a blogger, check out his blog http://awesomekingling.blogspot.com/) got Frozen Brazo. It really tasted like Brazo De Mercedes but not as sweet as the cakes out there! This tasted even better than the cakes. hehe Yummy!!!

Took a picture with out flash, so you can see the actual frozen brazo color. :)

The mochi is not too sweet and it really holds the ice cream just right. The ice cream is really of good quality and the flavors gives justice to their name. Sophie's Mom lives up to our expectation for a good Mochi Ice Cream.


Dulce De Leche, Oreo Cheese Cake, Creme Brulee
I got intrigued with the Creme Brulee cupcake so with out any hesitation I chose this one ( I always get their red velvet, will try to blog about that next time). I like the cupcake because it is very moist and soft. The chocolate cupcake  is just right, not to sweet but sweet enough for my sweet tooth (Ang sweet ng sentence! haha) The creme brulee on top is too sweet and hard (Creme Brulee nga diba! haha) because it is sugar. Over all I liked it.

I required my sister to get Dulce De Leche even if she wanted to get Mango cupcake.hehe Thanks sis! The cupcake tastes the same with the cupcake of Creme Brulee. But the other elements of the cupcake like the icing that really tasted like a chocolate is soooo good! One thing about this is that the de leche part is too little, it's hard to taste it. If they put more De Leche then this would have been heavenly, but overall this is still good.

De Leche in the middle

 My nephew for several times already, always picks this flavor. He really likes the combination of the cheese cake with the Oreo. This is really good, you can taste the cheesecake and the Oreo. The cheesecake taste mild that complements the sweet taste of the Oreo. Will give this 2 thumbs up! This is a must buy!!! Love it. They also have a red velvet of this kind that I will also try to blog along with the cupcake (cookie type).

Each mochi ice cream is sold at P40 each while the cupcake is at P50 each.
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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sophie's Mom.


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