Dove Hair Therapy

We all know that Dove recently added a new line in their product portfolio and they have been promoting it non-stop! Their TV ad was all over especially during its launch period and of course their intensive sampling. I even got samples from yogurt and milk tea chains! During my latest out of the country trip, Dove Hair Therapy was also been extensively promoted.

Dove Hair Therapy! When I first saw their TV commercial I got intrigued and wanted to try it. Good thing that they have been providing samples for people to initially try it. For this post, I want to share with you if I would buy the product base on the samples I will try.

Great presentation! They were able to present the whole line and description of the product. It helps to communicate the features of the product even in the absence of a push girl. Great Job!

The sample kit includes one shampoo and one conditioner of the intense repair variant.

Great thing about Dove Hair Therapy:

    • Rich formula
    • Nice smell (I only like fruity smell for hair care, but I liked this one)
    • Sachet has the right amount
    • Has shimmery / silky texture that is so cute (Don't get scared, it won't make your hair shine in glitters)
    • Creamy in color
After using the Shampoo and Conditioner (used both items on separate days to know the result of each), it made my hair soft! My verdict..........     I will buy the product to test it on a regular basis if it will really work as it promise.

But overall, this trial convinced me to buy their product and continue to use it.

P.S. If you want to see the result of my hair, check out my First Fashion Blog, go to this link Fashion Blog.


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