Lorys Hair Cream

I've been reading a lot of reviews about Lory's Hair Cream and I was totally curious and eager to try it on my hair. Just in time, early this year I saw Lorys Hair Cream from one of the "groupon", techinically it should be e-discount coupons. And as happy as I was, I purchased one since I was very convinced to try the product!! Bonus for me, it is only priced Php 195.00  for 1000g. I got the big size for the price of small one! Yipppeee!!! Normally, this is priced Php 185.00 for 350g and Php 349.00 for 1000g at leading department and beauty stores.

I chose Duo Chocolate variant since I just colored my hair late last year (see my blog here about Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring), I wanted to enhance it by making my hair even smoother and shinier.

Yipee!! 1000g!!! haha

Looks yummy too right??? hehe
 As instructed, I leaved it on my hair for 15 minutes for a more conditioning and moisturizing treatment. Another option, you can also leave it for 2 minutes like a regular conditioner.

Emote emotan ang beauty ko! haha

Here's my verdict:
  • It really has rich texture.
  • It smells suuupppperrr good! As in!!! I can really smell the chocolate aroma. (Gusto ko tuloy kumain ng chocolate! haha)
  • Very user friendly, very easy to use, you don't need heating machines to use it.
  • This can be a very good alternative for Hot Oil treatment specially for busy gals.
  • Very affordable!!!
  • It really works! 
  • My hair felt smooth and less frizy even after several days with out using any conditioner. 
I will definitely continue using it and will try the other variants as well. Excited to use it again this week even if my hair is still ok! Yippee!!



  1. where can i find lory's cream

  2. Hi! You can find it in beauty sections of department stores. Some supermarkets do carry this item. Just look at the hair section near conditioner or hair repair aisle. Share me your experience too and if you are able to find it :) Happy Shopping and let the beautification begin! :)