First Time

My first fashion blog! hehe 

Back ground: This blog was initially meant to be a fashion blog for less (reason for my blog name, will talk about it on my page) as suggested and supported much by my sister! She was the one who really encouraged me to pursue my desire of blogging. But given the shy type me (haha shy naman ako diba!!!) I did not have the courage yet to do a fashion post on my first blog post. But I took that as blessings in disguise as I continuously had several topics to blog about. 

So here's my first fashion blog! Hope you'll like it! 

Shyness talaga ako! haha

Awkward pose! Will get the hang of it next time. hehe

(Greenhills dress, Christmas bazaar cherry necklace (I super love this!!!), bracelet (gift from my style idol hehe), Lyn footwear, Kate Spade bag)

I attended a family friend's wedding on a Sunday Lunch. The mood was somehow smart casual to formal, I opted to wear a simple dress so I won't be over dressed and also under dressed. I wore minimal accessories that day, since it's a Chinese wedding it will surely be Lauriat. I didn't want my accessories to be hanging just above the food when getting (considered other people hehe!). It's the love month which coincidentally matched with my heart footwear. haha!!

A simple dress is the way to go when you don't know what to wear on a Sunday lunch event. Minimal accessory during a Lauriat wedding event. Minimal make up for a fresh and vibrant look. Just a hint of blush for that rosy cheek, eyeliner to minimize chinky eyes and peach lipstick for a pretty smile.


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