Mochiko Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream

 Here's another food post! And since it's summer already, it's time for shakes, halo halo and of course ice cream! Philippine market like and accepts mochi ice cream already so we can now easily find it in the metro. One of the brands that have first entered mochi ice cream here in the Philippines is Mochiko. You may also see on my previous post. For this post, I would like to share with you their latest Red Velvet flavor!

It was good that Mochiko Staff informed us to wait for about 3 minutes before eating the mochi ice cream. This is because since it's frozen, the ice cream will turn into solid hard. 

The size of Mochiko Ice Cream is just right, it's not too big nor too small. Their mochi is good, after waiting for 3 minutes it's soft and chewy. I just don't like the thick mochi at the bottom so I peel it off and eat it as it's not super sticky (I like). It's not sweet nor bitter!

Moving on to the inside, this Red Velvet Mochi Ice Cream is composed of Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cookie / Cake. I didn't taste any cream cheese. The cake taste so good! Though it was frozen but after 3 minutes, it's as if the cookie / cake was not placed in a freezer. It wasn't too sweet too. I would appreciate it better if I can taste the "red velvet" flavor. But since the cake / cookie is good, even the ice cream and the mochi I will still consider getting this flavor. But I would also like to try their other flavors!

I just wish that Mochiko will be placed in a better paper packaging. Watch out for the cute Mochiko Stores! 

Until my next Mochiko experience! :)


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