Baguio Delicacy

 I went to Baguio durin the last long weekend. For this post, I would like to share with you some Filipino delicacies again which are a must buy when in Baguio. These are great pasalubongs for your love ones!

Here's the top 10 Pasalubongs when in Baguio.
  1. Of course number one in the list would be Good Sheperd's Ube and Strawberry Jam!
  2. Next will be the very famous Strawberry Fruit that you will pick from the fields.
  3. Baguio Pasalubong will not be complete with out Tartland Lengua De Gato!
  4. Don't forget the Peanut Brittles too. I got the no sugar Peanut Brittle from Good Sheperd's too.
  5. One of the very well known pasalubongs are the sundot kulangot which I didn't buy anymore.
  6. Since I love crinkles I included the Choco Crinkles of Shabath Marketing.
  7. It's been years when I last visited Baguio, so I just discovered that there are already flavored Crinkles and the best flavor to buy ...of course Strawberry Crinkles.
  8. Don't forget Baguio Country Club Raisin Breads too.
  9. Baguio is also know with their very affordable greens too! So don't forget to buy those fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, marble potatoes, cucumber, etc. (Didn't take photos of the greens as I immediately placed it where it should belong haha)
  10. Lastly, the famous Mikasan Choco flakes too. 
There's so much to buy when in Baguio! You not only have a great place to visit but there are also a lot of pasalubongs to give to your love ones! 

What's your favorite Baguio pasalubong?

Just sharing with you some of these. :)

This is super yummy! With big strawberry bits! Yebah! 


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