Benefit Peek A Bright Eyes

I am on a search for the next eye make up that I need to use real soon! I really don't have enough time looking around to check all the brands but that special occasion is next week already! Panic mode! I have a lot of things that I still need to get and get done! One step at a time! Eye make up first.... 

Here are my considerations: Good brand with good QUALITY! Neutral color but not brown or black only, I want something fun, fresh and young. Have a ready paired up colors so I won't need to combine different products. Very handy and pigmented! 

So where in the world could I get this with so limited time?? Think think think.... and suddenly I have thought about Benefit! And voila! It really didn't fail me! It has the product that I need!!! Yehey! Savior! I actually saw this already when I was just window shopping in Benefit and so I was happy that this is still available! I think it has 3 different colors but with what I need I got Peek A Bright Eyes!

I super love the funky and fashionable packaging! It really give the prodcut it's own personality and it make me want to bring this anywhere due to its cuteness!

Since I have a chinita small eyes with out any crease, this product would really be great for me! I need eye products that will help me bright and open up my eyes.

In the kit, it already has eye brighter, base shadow, contour shadow and highlight shadow with 2 brushes at only 1,700 pesos! What a great deal! Thank you Benefit! And I love that it is already available at Rustan's.

The product, it also look like the box! So cute!

What's great is that it has intructions included in different languages!

 Directions how to use, and it's very easy! You just have to put the base, contour and highlight. That's it! For MUA you know that this is really easy right? By the way don't forget to blend blend blend!

I hope that they would come up a matte one so I can use it for everyday use.

I really like products that has plastics in between so that we are assured that the products we get are new stocks.

The brushes
Time for swatches, and they are really pigmented! I really believe in good quality mu! It really has a difference. With the saying, you get what you pay for.

with flash

with out flash
Will share with you photo of the finished product when I use this during a special occasion.


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