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Another Filipino delicacy! Ube ube ube... pang matanda! hahaha joke. When we say Ube, we always think about Baguio! Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines, but no... I didn't go to Baguio. Next best place to Baguio is of course... Tagaytay! But for this post I would concentrate more on another Filipino delicacy that I was able to take home during that trip.

I just found out that Good Sheperd is also available in Tagaytay and I said to myself that I will only bring home pasalubong if I will be able to drop by Good Sheperd. So here's what I got. 

The famous Ube Halaya! I was not really fund of Ube until recently due to my office mates love for it. Nakakahawa basta food! haha 

It looks yummy right?? And yes it is delicious. It is sweet but not too sweet that will make you want to stop eating. It is so soft but not soggy! A great dessert! For those who are not familiar with ube, you can eat it as it is, include it in your desserts like halo halo, spread it in to breads etc.

I also got the Macapuno. I super love this when I was still younger! So now as I saw this kind of sweets again, I definitely got one. But since I already got Ube Halaya I decided to get the Macapuno (coconut base) with Ube balls.

Another Yummy Treat! It really smells like Macapuno, great Macapuno aroma. It doesn't only smell Macapuno but it also taste Macapuno. Though it is coated with sugar, it's not too sweet. I like that Good Sheperd products are not too sweet and are placed in a nice microwavable containers. Good Sheperd Macapuno is soft but not too soft that it will be squashed. I love love love!

Drop by Good Sheperd every time you get by Tagaytay!


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