McCELL Snail Soap

I want to share with you the beautification craze from Korea! We all know that Koreans are vain where they are very much particular with their looks. They make it a point to have if not the best but to look good all the time! They are very adventurous in trying out new products even if the products seems scary as long as it will enhance their beauty! So when I was in K-Land last December while I was searching for the next BB Cream to buy, sales ladies of different brands are all promoting their Snail Line! And in an instant my SIL and I got curious! So I make it a point to get one product and join their Snail craze. Before we move on with the product, let us first know about the Snail.

According to them the Snail ingredient will help to regenerate, repair and smoothen skin. In short, it is said to make the skin healthy! So I made some research to know what kind of snail substance do they include. And I found out that they actually place Snail Slime. Ooopss gross! But wait before we react, what does that mean??? According to Wikipedia:

Snail slime is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails, gastropod, mollusks. Land snails and slugs produce mucus, but so does every other kind of gastropod, from marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. The reproductive system of gastropods also produces mucus internally from special glands.

Snail slime is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging.

I also found out that Snail Slimes have been used at Chile for at least 15 years now and so Asia is actually left behind. But then it won't stop the snail craze in Korea. In my research too, there were a lot who are saying that it can also help fight or reduce acne. Though no sales lady told me about it but I am just thinking that it may also lead to that as it regenerates the skin.

So for this post, I would like to share with you McCELL Snail Soap. I actually got this free from Korea Duty Free. And oh boy! I was so happy that the free item is the Snail Craze. Yippee! But this is a soap and not the popluar Snail Cream, so let's find out what's it gonna be.

This soap smells really good and when I say it smells really good it is the most fragrant soap I ever got, seen, smelled, touched and discovered. Exaggeration? No, I am not exaggerating! If I can only share the smell with all of you!

I love it when after the outer packaging, there is still another packaging covering the actual product. It ensures that the product inside is properly covered so that dirt won't be able to reach the product. Thumbs up for hygiene! You won't want something to apply on your body that has several unknown particles! Hey the reason we are using soaps is because we want to be clean and with a bonus that it will even enhance our skin.

The size of the soap is just right, it's not as thick as the soap that I previously posted. It's solid hard and not creamy in which I expect that it won't melt easily. 

What I like about the product:
  • It smell super duper good! It's like fruity but not fruit, a distinct unique smell. That's light on the nose but strong enough that our whole bath room smelled Snail Soap. When it was still waiting for its turn to be used, my whole room smelled Snail Soap. Super bango siya talaga(It smells really good).
  • I love that it is properly sealed with an inner cloth like packaging and not plastic.
  • It's in violet color! 
  • After using it, I felt good with my skin.
  • Instant soft and smooth skin.
  • The smell sticked with the skin for some few minutes.
  • It's just free from Korea Duty Free so I won't be able to have it again. :( too bad I would love this to be my daily soap!

But to eliminate my sadness with it, I got a BB Snail Cream. I still have a lot to road test so I need to line this up.

Just want to share with you, besides Snail Creams. They are also very into Synake Cream but this is for the more mature skin and more on anti-wrinkle property.

I am not sure if we have this products here in the Philippines already. I would start looking for it if we have it here. Do we have it here already???


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