I would just like to share with you my latest free items! Yipppee! I love free items, who wouldn't want one??? I got this on our latest visit at Kiehl's with mother dear. Since the Sales Lady couldn't convince me to get the Acne Blemish Control thingy, she gave me a trial size. I think that's great since I am really hesitant yet to get it. I want to do more research and also check out other brands where I already have in mind. So after using this tiral sizes and if it worked for me then I think I would definitely get it! So nice strategy right? Haha So here's what we got, some were free from purchase but Acne Blemish Control was really targeted for me. I don't know why do I have this since I am no longer a teenager! I didn't have it this bad way back then! 

I'll be posting reviews of each product after testing them. For now, of course what else would I be starting to test! It's definitely the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment. I'll share with you the result, so stay tuned!

Here are the eye creams that I included on my previous post. I am thinking if I will start using this already. But I think I might start using this too. Stay tuned for this too! :)

I am actually excited to use these products, I really love to try Kiehl's products but I find them a little expensive. I like that Kiehl's look so dermaish and scientific. It's like they are the laboratory of skin experts both products and their stores. Everytime I go inside their store, it gives me that feeling. I haven't posted anything about Kiehl's yet but I would love to start it with these freebies then probably on my next purchase.

Do you find Kiehl's products effective?


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