I just want to make a quick post, I have actually posted this already on my first blog account before Stylestat. So this would be a soooo back log!!! haha 

I Love Yema!!! Yipee!!! During my last business trip way back in November, I went to Bacolod, Iloilo, Bicol and Cebu for almost 2 weeks of going here and there. Besides work, of course a food trip is a must to make the most out of our travel journey (since we will not be able to make pasyal). So with the food trips we had, buying pasalubongs was a part of it and happily I found these yemas which I intended to give to me, myself and I.. haha selfishness (I had other delicacies for them naman na). Once I saw these yemas I bought them and stored it since with my almost 2 weeks of travel, I did not had the chance to try them. 
So here are the yemas that we have here in the Philippines and I tell you, I love them all!!! They tasted so delisyoso!!! haha These yemas of course were sweet but it taste the right yema with egg. For me, (although I am no yema expert) I like my yema to have the taste of the egg. With that taste, I am assured that they yema is not purely sugar!


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