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Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance...... Fragrance hasn't been my bff back in high school and college (take note: I don't smell bad naman!!! haha) I was some kinda allergic to perfumes and colognes that my nose itches every time I can smell the scent of the perfume I wore. But given the trendy girl that I was, I still really want to wear perfumes on occasional basis (it's the least I can do for my desire.. haha) even if my nose itches (pasaway!!!).

Now that I am more mature (but still looking young and feels young) I found out that I no longer have that some kinda allergic feeling. So I have been longing to get the perfumes and colognes that I wanted. I want cologne for daily use and perfumes for special occasions or when I just feel like to wear it.

I've been eyeing for my long time favorite and for the latest scents that I have seen from magazines, internet and malls. I am already on the process of choosing what scent to buy and just before I knew it..... I received 3 fragrances last year (yippee!!!)

So here's what I got:

~ Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Shimmer Mist (Red Plum)

It smells sweet and fruity (yummy)!!! The shimmer is just right. When you spray it to the skin it does not turn your skin into a Christmas ornament. A little bit glittery for that chic party girl look.
This is very good for everyday use, when in beach, bonding time with your girl friends and on a relaxed lunch date with your guy.
One thing I like about this product is that it stays longer than the VS which do not have shimmers. I guess that the shimmer helps the scent stay longer! Super LIKE!!!!

~Marks and Spencer Isis
This smells very cool, fresh, relax and calm.
I remember back in high school I had M&S Isis lotion. It reminds me of the good times during my high school life (which is not so long ago??? haha!!!) ( To all my batch mates, I hope all of you are doing great!!!)
Back to Isis perfume, I think this is best used during dinner or night out with your gals, lunch date, casual parties, hanging out and movie dates. One thing that I like about this is that it is very handy. I bring this along with me everyday!!! Love it!!!!

~ Elizabeth 5th Avenue
This smells very girly, flowery and sophisticated.
I'm not a too girly person, I may be kikay at times but I'm more of a cowboy girl!! haha So items that are too girly is not my thing, but surprisingly I like the smell of Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue. This scent passed my sensitive and ungirly nose!! haha
The flower smell is just right, not too strong and not too over powering. It has the right balance of the flower and sophisticated smell. I like it!! This is best to use when attending a wedding, romantic dinner date, formal events and to a  girly elegant event.

So what's my favorite of them all??????

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! hahaha 


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