MOOD matcher Lipstick

You might not know yet but I am very fund of make up where in fact I had finished a basic makeup course last 2010. So I may call myself a MUA (walang kokontra)! hahaha With my fondness of makeup, I have been checking out make up products every now and then. My latest discovery is the K-Palette tattoo liner which I will blog about next time soon. You might be wondering what's the connection with this post? ??

While I was searching for the K-Palette tattoo, I saw this MOOD matcher lipstick displayed beside it and I got soooo curious. (OMG, instead of buying one item only!! I bought two na! Hala!! hehehe) I checked the MOOD matcher lipstick and it was nice that the sales assistant of Beauty Bar was attentive enough to assist me with my queries.

MOOD matcher Lipstick is so cool! As the brand name itself, it works like the well known mood rings where the ring changes color depending on the body temperature of the person wearing it.
MOOD matcher - each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly "personalized" lip color. Super-long-lasting 12 hour formula won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing! Experience the rich, natural moisturizing powers of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Do you like the spot light effect?? hehe

Upon choosing which color to buy, I tried all the colors onto my hands and I find myself wearing more of the light blue color. All the colors will turn to different pink shades from light to dark.

Mood matcher is available in 10 colors, but during my time of visit it was only available in 5 colors.

Green - turns in to dark pink
Dark Blue - turns in to dark pink / violet
Light Blue - turns in to light pink
Yellow - turns in to light pink
Orange - turns in to orange pink

As you can see, light blue turns into light pink onto my hands. But when applied into the lips, it turns more vibrant and darker than what it should be.

I only applied twice or thrice since upon applying MOOD matcher unto my lips the color seemed light. But I found out that you need to wait for some seconds and there the color popped out! It was so cool!!! You only need to apply it once or twice and the result is very pigmented! It is very matte (which I super like) and feels like your not wearing any lipstick at all. It stayed long enough since I applied this during the after noon. I ate afternoon snack, dinner, drink plenty of water .....   When I got home that night and checked out my lips. It was still there! Yehey! I love it! This reminds me of the lip and cheek tint that I usually use way back in high school and college for daily use.

Just applied Match Mood
(Please bear with my picture! hehe)

Took a picture when I got home

To sum up, this product is so good because it is very pigmented, matte, stays long, very light weight and is very affordable. It only cost around Php195.00 at Beauty Bar.

This is very ideal for everyday use! For a long chit chat with friends! A dinner buffet and anytime you feel like wearing it!

To know more about Mood matcher, check out their website http://moodmatcher.com


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