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Here's another Food Post and again a back log. :)

Since Jamba Juice came here in the Philippines, I have heard a big buzz about it specially in the digital world. So I was so curious and researched what Jamba Juice was about. After reading some reviews I thought that it was just ordinary or usual fruit stand that we already have here in the Philippines. And as I continuously learn about Jamba Juice, they offer something different compare to the other fruit stands. And by the way Jamba Juice is not just a fruit stand but it has its own space at Bonifacio High Street!

Jamba Juice has a wide array of menu.
Classic Smoothies - Whole Fruits and Juices blended with Nonfat Frozen Yougurt and Sherbet.
All Fruit and Creamy Smoothies - All Fruit! Just Fruit and Juice.
Creamy Smoothies - Blended Indulgence. 

You may think that their menu is just an ordinary juice formulation that is also available with other Fruit stands. But what set Jamba Juice apart...... is their ........ (suspense haha) BOOSTS and SHOTS!!!
What?? They have Boosts and Shots?? You may think that these could be alcoholic or maybe an energy drink combined in the smoothies. Well, it's not! These are friendly boosts and shots that will make your smoothies work harder. Don't get scared, these are just vitamins or antioxidants that makes their smoothies extra special.

Jamba Juice Boosts and Shots are available as:
Boosts - Energy, Immunity, Daily Vitamin and Soy Protein
Super Boosts - Antioxidant Power, Flax & Fiber and Whey Protein
Power Shot - Matcha Energy Shot

The great thing I like about Jamba Juice is that every smoothie already has 1 complimentary boost and around Php 25 for additional boosts. ( I think the price is fair enough haha)

Besides the juices, Jamba Juice also have desserts called Fruits and Yougurt Parfaits. Another great product of Jamba Juice is their Fresh Squeezed Juices (which were sold out during the time of my visit). They also have breakfast menu that is Steel-Cut Oatmeal and some pastries!

For now, I will talk more about their juices! I went to Jamba Juice with my family during Christmas Season and as expected there were a lot of people! I liked their interiors which is very vibrant and energetic which represent what Jamba Juice is. They have their customer friendly menu board that made it more easier to choose and of course their accommodating crews. Since I am a first time customer of Jamba Juice I still need to ask some questions regarding the flavor that I initially wanted. And I am pleased with the crew who entertained me as she really knows well the products of Jamba Juice! Kudos to the Jamba Juice PH team!!!

Big Menu Board (sorry for the blurred photo)

Work Station

For that day, I opted for the Caribbean Passion with Daily Vitamin boost which I shared with my nephew. I picked this since I wanted a combination of sweet and sour fruits together. And I am very happy since it tasted so good!!! The combination of the fruits were just right!! I super love it!!!

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the juice itself.
I was so excited with the drink. hehe

My sister opted for the Strawberries Wild with Immunity boost since she was not feeling well that day. This  also tasted good but you can taste more of the sour fruits but not to the point that it is too sour. But still this is also good!

Lastly, I ordered a Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice for my parents but then again it was sold out. So the second best thing that I got them was the Five Fruit Frenzy All Fruit. This one is dominated by the sour fruits, so you can really taste the sourness of the fruits. But same with Strawberries Wild, the sourness is just right (meaning it won't make your face turn sour haha)

We also tried their Cheddar Tomato Twist and to tell you it is also to die for. Their food are also good.

The price range of their Smoothies are kinda pricey which starts at Php 135 for small (16 oz.), P155 for medium (22 oz.) and Php 195 for large (30 oz.) Even if it is pricey, Jamba Juice is still worth it for the following reasons. 1. It has boosts 2. Superb Taste 3. Sizes are big
We got the medium size and even if I shared it with my nephew, we both felt full after finishing it. Like Like Like!!!!

Another great thing about Jamba Juice is that they have a high tech photo booth (Which I was not able to took a photo)! They will email you your photos, just input your email address. But up to now, I still have not yet received my photo :(

P.S. Sorry for the heavy text and less photo :)


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