Aranaz Lucky Bag

It's January and it's sale season! Everyone are hyped going to malls taking advantage of sale (or are we the one who's being taken advantage by the retailers? haha) I'm also one of the people who have been  hooked by the retailers and is convinced to take advantage of the sale!! hehe  As we (with my shopping buddies) stroll around the mall looking for the great bargain, we decided to go to Aranaz store to check out their sale items. Me and my sister checked out several bags and they are so nice!!! As in nice!! But the bag that my sister wants does not have the color she prefers. So when we were just about to leave the store we suddenly saw this Aranaz Lucky Bag! 

Aranaz Lucky Bag
Kudos to the saleslady! She was so accommodating, she explained what this lucky bag is all about. Aranaz Lucky Bag contains different Aranaz bags that customers won't be able to know until you open it!!! Even the salesladies' don't know the items inside. The bags inside could be anything and can cost up to 3,000++ but the Aranaz Lucky Bag only cost Php 1,800. Truly is a great deal!!! Loving it!!!! 

I think this is a great Marketing Strategy and since it is new year they named the promotion as Lucky Bag, where people are mostly searching for Lucky Items at the start of they year. Again since it is sale season, this cost lower than what is really inside the lucky bag. So this is a good deal, a win win situation!! At first, I was hesitant to purchase due to the risk that I might not like the item inside the Aranaz Lucky Bag that I will pick. But then again, since it is Aranaz, then the items inside must be all good. So I decided to finally get one!!! Hoooorrrraaaayyyy!!!!!

So what is inside my Aranaz Lucky Bag???? This is so exciting!!!!

Here are the items!!!!!

Aranaz Sling Bag made of Coconut Wood.
Proudly Pinoy!!!!

Look at the nice design!!! Very cute.

Loving the mysterious item I got inside Aranaz Lucky Bag. This is a very versatile bag. You can opt to pair it with jeans, casual dresses and of course with your summer outfit! Love it!

IPhone pouch

 Pocket Mirror

Heart Shape Key Chain

Another Aranaz Key Chain

Leather Bracelet

To sum up:
1 Aranaz Coconut wood sling bag
1 IPhone pouch
1 Pocket Mirror
2 Key Chains
1 Leather Bracelet

When sold separately, these items can sum up to more than Php 4,000++
So for Php1,800 purchase, this is really a good deal!!! 

What are you waiting for, grab your Aranaz Lucky Bag now and share me what's inside your Lucky Bag!! Happy Shopping!!!!


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