Lipton Gold Milk Tea

Here's another milk tea post, but now in powdered form. Powdered milk teas have been available even before the milk tea hype here in the Philippines. One of the known brand that has powdered milk tea is Lipton. My family loves milk tea so I was not able to take a picture of the full packaging since they opened it already before I even told them. hehe So here it goes... I got the sachet type in single serving. It is already 3in1 meaning it has the tea, milk and sugar and can be served as hot or cold. Here's my Lipton milk tea experience....

You can see the brownish color of the tea mixed with the milk and the sparkling particles of the sugar.

Here's my verdict:
I had it in medium temperature.

  • I can really smell the aroma of the milk tea.
  • Balance of milk, tea and sweetness.
  • It is not too sweet.
  • Light taste, the tea is not overpowering that it will taste like leaf.
  • Not creamy but a little milky taste which is just right for a milk tea.
  • It is a great when you're at home and craving for a milk tea.
  • Super Like!
What are other brands of powdered milk tea? By the way I have another powdered milk tea post soon, so stay tuned! :)



  1. Hi, thanks for your introduction, i just bought the lipton milk tea last week from this website:


    the taste is good. now i drink a cup of milk tea every morning.

    what favor do you like the most?


  2. I haven't tried other flavors yet. What t are the other flavors have you tried?? I would probably get some! :)

  3. Hi, I like the "LIPTON Milk Tea Gold 3 in 1 Stick" most. It is very delicious. Maybe you can try it next time.

    1. Is it different from this one?? :) I hope to try it too!