Finally! J.CO donuts we meet each other.hehe I've seen J.Co since last year at Greenbelt, but up to now it is still close. I've been waiting for it to open but my wait is over, happily I was at a mall where J.Co is present. With out a doubt, I told myself that I won't leave the mall with out getting J.Co doughnuts and decided to get one dozen and share them with my family! Sharing is loving... right? It's good to share than experiencing it alone. So here's my J.Co experience....

 I got one dozen and chose Avocado Dicaprio, Green Tease, Tiramisu, Black Forest, Oreology, Berry Spears and Blueberry Moore. It's only Php 350 for one dozen, not bad right???

I tried Avocado Dicaprio and Green Tease. And here's what I think. 

Avocado Dicaprio
  • Super soft and moist! As in!
  • Avocado creme inside really taste like avocado, it's foamy and not grossy creamy type
  • Green topping is sweet but manageable
  • Chocolate topping is a little sweet
  • Over all, I super love it specially the creme! Two thumbs up ay all fingers up!! hahaha 

Sorry for the blurred photo, I only used my Itouch and forgot to take a picture of it. Excited na kasi ako kumain. hahaha Glutton much?? Forgive me...hahaha

Green Tease
  • Ate this the next day and is still soft but not as soft as when I first bought it
  • Still soft and fresh
  • Green tea topping has the right sweetness, it's not sugary
  • Creme in the middle doesn't taste like green tea but I still like it due to its light taste

Since this is fattening! haha I shared Berry Spears and Blueberry Moore with my sister and pamangkins. Both the doughnuts are very soft, the fruit toppings above are like jams but has the right sweetness, the cream cheese inside is verrryyy good - it really taste like cream cheese but very light. I Love it too!!!!

What I love about J.Co doughnuts - they are not oily and the creme inside are light but very tasty. The cremes didn't gross me out where the creme feels fattening. Super Like! I want to go back and try cheese me up, cheezy rich and their coffee and yougurt. Hala! Everything pala?? haha

I also took some photo of the interiors, it feels cozy and a good place to relax and hang out.  

They have hot and cold coffees too! 

Their yougurt seems delicious too!!

They hardly fill up the display since they have lots of customers but I didn't wait too long to get my J.Co. I hope that their Greenbelt branch will open soon.

To know more about J.Co, check out their FB page and website


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