How's your long weekend so far? Today is the last day but hey there are 2 more upcoming days of no work or class for this month. Yippee! haha

The weather have been very hot again and with this hot weather we need to ensure to take care of our skin. Us girls would always like to feel good and there's no other way for us to feel good is to have soft, smooth and fragrant skin. So what soap could best answer our desires? Let's try Camay and test if it really does make us feel good.

Base on the efforts that Camay is doing, Camay soap helps the skin to be soft and smooth with that fragrant smell and for this variant it's Romantique Rose! I like the look of the outer packaging, it's very chic and sophisticated and very woman!

The inner packaging or the box of each soap is just very simple with it's logo on the side. The logo has the same look and feel - very chic and sophisticated.

I find the bar soap has the same size as the other soaps. And upon opening the box, the soap smells so good! I was a little scared at first since I don't like the smell of roses, but Camay Romantique Rose doesn't smell like Rose at all. But it's very fragrant, it's light and not irritating with the nose.

And here's the actual Camay soap, it has engraved Camay in the middle and the color and shape of the soap is also consistent with the feel of Camay! It looks very woman and chic. You can see that the soap is also thick enough same as the other soaps.

Used it already even before taking a photo of it haha!

My experience:

  • Camay is so fragrant but doesn't smell like rose (if you like rose scent)
  • It's thick and doesn't get soft easily but it gets small easily
  • The scent doesn't stay on the skin even right after my bath
  • My skin felt the same, nothing extra feeling even after using it for several days
  • But I felt good while using it! 
  • I liked it but I am not a fan. 
How do you find Camay?


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