Le Cour De France Croughnut

There is a Cornut Craze here in the Philippines and it's only now that I will be able to try it. It was very hard to get cronuts as I tried to get it from 4 different stores and every time.... Cronuts were sold out. So here I am, first time to try Cronuts from Le Cour De France. I first saw that Cronuts are available at Le Cour De France too from Jenni Epperson's instagram.

With the Cronuts craze, we already know what's it and how it started so I'll skip that intro and talk about the Cornut itself. For Le Cour De France they call it Croughnut. It's available in three flavors, Double Belgian Chocolate, Mixed Berries and Parmesan Cheese.

Image grabbed from Le Cour De France website

I've tried their Belgian Chocolate and Parmesan flavors.

Peek a boo!

Sorry for the messy photo. :)
My Verdict:

  • Each Le Cour De France Croughnut costs Php 89.00.
  • It's smaller than the size of the other cronuts.
  • The Chocolate flavor tastes so good! It's like dark choco but not that bitter. It's not super sweet too. It has a great chocolate.
  • The Parmesan cheese is also good. It's not salty but flavorful. It's a little smelly, but normal for this kind of flavor. 
  • The cream in between of the croughnuts are great too! It's light and not so sweet but delish. The amount of the cream is generous too.
  • The Croughnut base is a little hard (but not that super hard) and not chewy. It's not super flaky.
  • For my first time to try a Croughnut I actually liked it specially the taste. But I find it pricey for the size.

Would I repurchase again? I will consider buying it again.


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