Zubu Marketman's Guava Jelly

It's so nerve wrecking to watch the news and worrying much for my workmates that have not yet able to go back to their homes since last Monday. Gosh gosh! Thank God it stopped raining but we are still experiencing water world. I hope that the flood will subside anytime soon. In this kind of weather, it is best to stay home! I can still remember how sudden out of no where the water rised and it was so scary! So better stay at home , for those who really can't keep their butt at home might as well go volunteer! When at home, we are not as useless as we think! Communicate to those who are stranded and try to get help in the best possible way. 

So going into my post today.. :) Since I just stayed home, there's the risk and high probability of no electricity. It is important to shut down the electricity to areas with high flood. So what to eat?? One of the best food to eat during this kind of weather is bread. It's easy to prepare and keeps us full. Here's what I paired with the bread. Marketman's Guava Jelly from Zubuchon foods.

Marketman's Guava Jelly is made by Zubu Foods Inc.

It's color is somehow reddish pink with just the right sweetnes taste. I can also taste the "guava" flavor. But it has a thin and syrup like texture and doesn't have any guava bits. But overall I like it, I would like to try their mango jam next time.

I hope everybody is ok! Now for us who are lucky enough to be safe and sound. Let's do our part, volunteer or donate anything like old clothes, blankets and easy to eat food either n Red Cross, local municipalities or just check twitter. I'm glad that everyone are very active to help. God Bless us.


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