Nail Art Day

Nails nails nails, us girls won't forget about nails when talking about fashion. Besides having it as part of our styles it's should be part of our hygiene. For this post, I will share with you easy to do nail art. Nail arts have been a buzz here in the Philippines I think 2 to 3 years ago already. More and more girls are very into nail arts but for on the go girls nail art is something to consider. You have to have extra time to sit and wait for your nail art to be done. But cry no more! You can have your nail art done in an instant and you can also do it at home! Presenting.... (OA ba sa pagpresent?? haha) Sticker Nail Art. I've learned about this from my sister in law, she has the best nail art designs ever! So here I am trying this DIY nail art at home. 

Here's how it look...

I know you are all excited to know how to use this!! :) 

All you need are: Nail stickers, water, buffer and clear polish.

First, Clean your nails then prepare the nail stickers. It's big so you can cut it into half which is good since you can use the other half next time.

After cutting the nail stickers into half, place it in the water then to you nails. Buff the excess nail stickers at the corner of the nails then top it off with clear nail polish! Voila instant nail art done!

It may sound very easy but you need practice to perfect it! Thanks to my niece for helping me do this nail art! Mwah mwah!!!! So here how it goes......

  • Ensure that the nail stickers are wet enough so they stick to your nails
  • Cut the nail stickers with curves at the end so it will form accordingly with your nails
  • When applying clear polish, make sure to apply very thin coat on the first application and let it dry after re-applying the second coat. Nail sticker will melt when you apply too much nail polish on the first layer

P.S. Will need some more practice! I will try to do this again next time and hopefully, successful story na! :)


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