The Face Shop Rice Water Lip and Eye Remover

My first post for make up remover! After going to events, always make sure to remove all traces of make up even when you are super duper sleepy! And here's my first post for my make up remover as I already finished my previous make up remover.

Here's The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover. Though it indicates Lip and Eye Remover, I still use it for my whole face.

What's different with this is that it has Rice Water, Morning Oil and Soapwort that removes makeup but remains the skin hydrated. It is a ‘Emulsion in Toner’ formula, it is separated into 2 layers with milk-colored emulsion on top and clear water base on bottom part.

Look it is also sealed like any other makeup products. It is very important for me that makeup products are always sealed.

It has just the right opening for me to get the right amount of product that I need.

Since it has rice water it actually is whitish when applied on the cotton.

What I liked about the product:
  • It smells so good! This I have not yet experienced with other make up removers
  • It does not feel as oily as the other brands due to the rice water attribute
  • It feels gentle on the skin
  • No irritation on my skin and eyes
  • And it removes make up pretty good
Will I repurchase this product again?

Yes! As long as it is available in the market, this is a great make up remover.

Disclaimer: I bought the product on my own.


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