Sophie's Mom Red Velvet

As promised, here is my post of Sophie's mom Red Velvet cupcake.

I got to know red velvet cupcake 5 years ago as introduced by Sonja's cupcakes. Since then, many establishments have tried re-creating red velvet cupcakes and (for me) most of them fail to achieve the right red velvet taste! But not for Sophie's Mom! Their red velvet is to die for! The great thing about Sophie's mom's red velvet is that they didn't try to imitate Sonja's red velvet. Instead! They created their own interpretation of red velvet cupcake. Again, as promised here is my review of Sophie's mom red velvet cupcake.

By the way I also got their Mango cupcake too! haha! 
Looks Yummy Right??

Sophie's Mom Red Velvet:
  • Cupcake is soft and moist, it is very intact and does not separate easily.
  • Bonus! There's some choco chip inside the cupcake.
  • It's all about the frosting! And their frosting is really good! I can taste the right red velvet flavor.
  • I think that the frosting is cream cheese base.
Over all! Good Red Velvet Cupcake! Great rendition of a home made red velvet cupcake! This is very recommendable and is only priced Php50! Totally sulit!!! It doesn't only look good, it also taste good!Sophie's Mom mochi ice cream

Mango Cupcake:
  • I'm mango lover and this became one of my favorites too!
  • Mango fruit is sweet! It has the right sweetness and not over ripe sweetness (assurance that they use fresh ingredients!)
  • Cupcake is soft and moist too. It is not that sweet and taste like a mamon (unique mamon taste).
  • There's mango in the middle of the cupcake too!! Yippe!!!
  • The mango fruit and the cupcake complements each other! Good blending of the ingredients!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sophie's Mom. Bought the items myself. I am just a fan of their products. Like Like!! Check out my previous post about Sophie's mom mochi ice cream.



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