"Edgy" Black

I've been MIA since I was busy with work, working sleepless nights for the past 2 days for our company's annual National Convention. I am not complaining about it, I am grateful to have my work! And as part of the program, I including my colleagues have prepared a "Level Up" presentation! With this, we have decided to wear "Edgy" Black attire to match our presentation (Teka: ano ba meaning ng "Edgy" Black???).  

As a fashion acclaimed blogger (starter haha!!) Syempre I want to look "Edgy" but I must consider the following: 
  1.  It is a company event, dapat formal formalan ng konte.
  2. We were required to wear a company polo shirt thus I will only wear black during my presentation (So convenience to change is a must!).  
  3. I need to somehow look formal, fun and of course fashionable (in representation of the brand that I am handling).
  4. Hotel Venue.
So here's my interpretation of "Edgy" Black given the considerations above.

I opted to wear trousers and disregarded my initial plan to wear a dress (remember convenience should also be part of fashion, that's what I call Smart Fashion! haha) I finally decided to wear a cute top that could somehow look formal.  

Can you see the ruffled sleeves of my top!

I also wore sophisticated accessories that would blend in with my look (considered audience might get distracted if I wore eye catchy accessories while presenting). That would be a total no no!!

 I also wore a black belt to cover the cut in between the blouse and the trousers. This is to form continuity and of course to give me more shape and look sexy haha!! (pagbigyan niyo na ako! hehe)

See the ribbon prints from my blouse.

I wore jeweled like bracelets on my right hand, which coincidentally matched with the theme of my presentation! haha And of course my Jade bracelet. The Jade would always be a part of my fashion blog since I am wearing this everyday. (Mahirap kaya tangalin! hehe)

This is actually a candid shot. haha

Cute curve details!

Since I will be walking around, I wore a comfy black shoes that is of course fashionable! You can't see in the picture, but this adorable pair has an inch heels.

*I'm very sorry for the dark unclear photos. I used my Itouch in taking the pictures because it will be to hassle for me to bring along a camera since I have my phones inside my pockets too. (Boo! I left my small pouch that would serve as my gadget holder to help me that day!)

Do I look like a sleepless gal ba??? Nah! Concealed my eye bags and blemishes, applied eyeliner and mascara. Subtle blush and red lips. Sayang hindi kita sa picture. Stay tuned! I will try to post the look if I am able to grab a close up picture from Colleagues.

(Bangkok blouse, Wisdom trouser, Tiffany & Co. necklace, Jeweled like bracelets (right) c/o mom, black belt, Melissa footwear)

P.S. Thanks to my office mate who helped me take pictures that day!


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