Magnum craze is really all over the metro! Of course, I won't let it pass by not experiencing the craze (hindi ako magpapahuli)! haha So here's my back log experience about Magnum! hehe

Here in the Philippines, Magnum is available in 3 flavors (Classic, Almond and Truffle). Upon learning about Magnum, I immediately researched where can I get one. At first, it was really hard to look for this awesome product since it was always sold out! Gosh! (This will be the best example for the word of mouth campagin.) But lately, you will be able to search for this product easily except for the Truffle flavor.

I got both Classic and Almond flavors (haha! I shared it naman noh hehe) 
Let's start with Classic flavor:

  • The chocolate coating is very tasty! It really taste as a real chocolate and not your ordinary sweet tasting dips.
  • The Vanilla ice cream inside has a marshmallow like texture and it is really good! As in good! haha It is not too sweet! Just right sweetness.

Almond flavor: 
(Just want to share with you, I am not fund of nuts in ice cream and chocolates)

  • The almond is placed in the chocolate dip. It is Almond Caramel coating, it is not hard even with the presence of the Almond. Surprisingly, I liked it! 
  • The ice cream inside is the same with Classic, it's vanilla flavor.
  • Good blending of vanilla ice cream and almond caramel coating. Surprisingly! This is really good! I prefer this flavor than the classic! Like Like Like!!!
 Each cost Php 50.00 in your leading supermarkets!
P.S. Where can I get Truffle flavor?

Share me your Magnum experience too. :)


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