Here's the Jade bracelet again!haha
By the way, can you see the sailor details on my other bracelet??

(Rockwell tent bazaar dress, HK tights, Pearl silver necklace, Sailor bracelet got from office, Jade bracelet, Burberry Bag, SM flats)

It's time to hit the buffet again (sira ang diet!! hehe) Keeping that in mind! I always prefer to wear loose tops particularly on the tummy part and pair it with fit bottom. For this look, I paired it with tights since I know that we will be going to a hotel. That's the secret when I know I will be eating more than usual!haha Personally, I prefer to wear less accessories when dining because I don't want them going my way. hehe Buffet eating makes me walk more so comfort is a must. This adorable flats seems like made for this particular look and moment (moment talaga!! haha). It is very cute and shiny (fashyon right?) and comfortable too. You may probably notice that it's somehow a must for me to wear fashyon and comfort at the same time. So girls! Remember when eating in buffets,we should look good both before and after the dining experience. Let us minimize and refrain from the bloated look. :)      


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