Dove Damage Therapy Soft and Silky

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have just been convinced by Dove to purchase their product (click the link to know my first Dove Hair Therapy experience.)

Dove Hair Therapy is avialable in different variants and I am not here to discuss them one by one but to share my experience with you.

I got the Straight and Silky variant, I used this just right after the day I used Lorys Hair Treatment. It really was a good combo! It made my hair soft and silky. But not as straight as people might expect.

To be fair, I again used Lorys Hair Treatment the week after and paired it with another shampoo for better evaluation. Although my hair is still soft, it is not as soft when I used Dove Straight and Silky variant. For now! Dove Hair Therapy is really a good shampoo. It did made a difference with my hair and I was happy with the result. It made my hair more soft and less frizzy. I would definitely get another bottle.

I got another bottle and it really work as it promise. My hair is feels smooth and soft, I also notice less tangles. Over all, this is really worth and it a must have product.

Disclaimer: Bought the items myself.


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