I told you on my previous post that I just attended a blogger's convention. And I am very proud to tell you all......   Snoe blogger's convention! Yippeee!!! 

Before I blog about the whole event (bibitinin ko muna kayo! :) ), I would like to share with you the items Snoe generously shared with us. 

Snoe SunTervention, Wow it's SPF 80++
Summer is early this 2012! This will be great for our summer essentials!

Snoe S Skin, Snoe's version of BB cream! 

With all the products displayed, I really wanted to get this baby! 
This is my top pick and I am super duper happy to be able to have this. 
Super megaduper excited to try this.

Snoe Magic Apple whitening S-rub.
This scrub is good for whitening and exfoliating elbows, knees and any part of the skin.

Snoe Whitening Detox Clay Mask
What a great product! It is calamansi made, a proudly PINOY product!

Stay tuned! I will review each product as I experience it! Super excited particularly with the BB cream. Stay tuned also for my post about the whole Snoe blogger's convention. It was such a fun event! I am very honored to be introduced to a Filipino beauty product by my fellow blogger and dear friend Yellow Yum.


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