Cebu Mango Puree

Cebu Cebu Cebu! Popularly known for their delicious lechon and of course mango!! Beside the mango fruit, Cebu is also popular for their dried mangoes and now mango puree. I've seen mango puree when I visit Cebu and now I convinced myself to try it since I don't want to get a lot of dried mangoes cause we have it here in Manila.

It looks ripe and sweet!

Directions how to make this into Juice or Shake.


  1. Place 7-8 tbsp of Mango Puree in a glass
  2. Then add water (around 200ml)
  1. Place 7-8 tbsp of Mango Puree
  2. Add crushed ice (about 3/4 full of an 8 oz. glass)
  3. Blend and serve
So easy!

I tried making it as juice.

 My verdict:
  • Tasted the puree and it's sweet and taste like real mango
  • When made as juice, with the given preparation direction you might feel that it's a little bland specially for sweet lovers
  • But for me, it's just right (I don't like too sweet but I can eat something very sweet, very contradicting right?? haha)
  • It's a refreshing drink!
  • Overall, having a real fruit is better than puree
  • But this is a great alternative and it won't rot easily

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