By the way, here's what I got during K-Palette event last week, I super love when organizers put names on the loots that they give to bloggers. It ads personal touch! What do you think are inside???

Peek a boo!

 Of course K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow #1 and #2! Oh my I can't wait to try this! I usually don't put make up on my brows but I am definitely intrigued and excited to try this (since the first time I saw this way back on my first K-Palette purchase).

It also has the 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner in Super Black and Deep Brown. Since I already have the Deep Brown, I shared this to my sister. I hope she'll get hooked to using eyeliners na!

And lastly, my favorite from this group is the Kuma concealer! I am super excited to use this but haven't tried it yet because of this post. Yipee I am going to use it na!!! Super happy and extremely excited to use this!!!!!!

I will give reviews of each item. It might take a while but please do wait for it.


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