Fete De La Musique Manila 2014

Last week I went to Fete De La Musique Manila 2014 with my friends. I actually don't have any idea about it, I just know that it's a music festival. I was oriented by my friend that it's a yearly thing and it's a music festival that plays different genres of music at different venues. I really don't have that much idea of Fete De La Musique Manila 2013, but according to my friend the venue last year isn't as much as of that this year.

Fete De La Musique originated from Paris and now is here in Manila to help aspiring musicians to have an outlet to showcase their talents. 

For this post, I just want to share with you my experience from Fete De La Musique last week! The reason why we attended this Music Festival is just to hang out with my friends and turned to Music appreciation, learning more of different types of music.

For this year, Fete De La Musique Manila had 2 main stages (Makati and Intramuros Manila). My friends and I decided to hop around the Makati area and here are the pocket stages that we were able to attend to.

1. Rock at B Side, The Collective

I actually am not a fan of rock music but it's worth a try to learn about rock. It was hard for me to appreciate rock music para akong nabing.... so I just focused on checking out the fashion of those who love rock music. I find it amusing but there are some that caught my attention, they balanced the rock feel but still very fashyon.

2. Indie Stage by NDFY at 12 Monkeys Century City Mall

I was able to appreciate this music and crowd. There were different types of music but were mostly a band. It's not your usual pop or r&b music but it's relatable and good for relax, chill, happy, party etc. depending on the style of the musician. The crowd in here is more of the young people. I would love to go back at 12 monkeys since I was drooling on their food! Every time the waiter brings out food, it's like my eyes have magnet on it. I wasn't able to try any food since it was a standing room.

3. Chill Out Stage by Radar MNL at Buddha Bar

I was also able to appreciate this type of music along with the venue. The music was very relaxing and really perfect for that chill night! You can dance along with the music but it's not that loud of that crazy night. The crowd here are a little older and sosyal.

4. Jazz Stage by PI Jazz Festival Foundation Hosted by Sandra Lim-Viray at Bayleaf Lounge, St. Giles Hotel

I was also able to appreciate this type of music, it's slow and relaxing but with a strong character. The crowd here were mostly older people and drinks spirits. This is a relaxing music and I think great for date nights. 

5.  Blues Soul & Funk Stage by Mamborat Productions at H&J 

I was only able to listen to one song only since they had to take a break. I enjoyed this one because of the personality of the song and it was very entertaining. It's nice for that night out with friends where in you can have a conversation, hang out, drink and dance. The place was oh so crowded! Here, the crowd is a mixture of young ones and foreigners. I hope to go back to this place since I heard that the food is great.

6. World Stage by Luna Fest + Musikeraw at Cafe Curieux

This is the most entertaining stage of all! If music alone, I might not be able to appreciate it. But the music is combined with special acts. This type of entertainment is very ideal to watch when in the beach. The place was too crowded too, you have to extend at your best to be able to see the acts. The crowd here is a mixture of young adult, young ones and foreigners. 

7. Electronica Stage by Nomad Massive at Time in Manila

This is the party party song, very upbeat and energetic. This is the ones played on bars and party place. This is for the young ones who are very much into partying. The place is almost empty and I don't know why. 

8. Latin Stage at Chihuahua

We were able to see people dancing with Latin songs. The smell of the Mexican food was too strong so we were not able to stay long. The place was jam packed and the people inside were really Latin looking. It was cute. 

9. A. Venue Main Stage

Here there are representatives from each music genre to perform. 

I actually didn't plan to blog about this experience. But after the whole experience, I felt that I want to share it. It's a nice venue to know and learn about different musics. Learning the culture of the music and matching it with the people who are in to that music. It's like traveling, learning the culture and people of the place. It was a very tiring event but fun! It's more fun if you go with a group of friends, the more the merrier. If I had decided early on to blog about this, I should have taken videos of the musics and shared it with you. Hope you enjoyed this post. :)


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