Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening

This year's summer season was super duper hot! With the hot season, we need to be protected very well.  A sweaty armpit will ruin our look. During the sale of Nivea I decided to get their Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening and check if anti-perspirant whitening are effective. 

Nivea anti-perspirant provides 48 hour protection and whitening effect.

I prefer that they indicate the expiry date instead of the manufacturing date.

Nivea is a well known and trusted brand for personal skin care so when choosing a deodorant, this brand is also of many people's choices.

My experience:
  • Have fragrant smell which I don't mind
  • Very Nivea packaging with glass packaging
  • Easy to roll on, the roll on functions very well
  • Liquid in texture
  • Absorbs easily on the skin, doesn't drip
  • Doesn't wet shirt 
  • Not sticky
  • I think it whitened my armpit after 3 weeks of daily use (though I don't have dark armpit) 
I think this product could help me maintain the color of my skin specially that I shave. I had laser treatment but I still need a few more session to make it gone as possible as it can be. Though the nurses said that I have white armpit, I still want to whiten my armpit to at least maintain the color. Since I have fair armpit, the change isn't that drastic.

Will I purchase this product? I will consider, I am just hoping they create deodorant rather than anti-perspirant.



  1. Wow! Did it really whiten your skin in just 3 weeks? Can you please share some photos?
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hi Pauline,

      The change / improvement isn't drastic. It will still depend on the condition of each person's skin. I am just lucky that I don't have that problem for underarms. But for me it made my skin lighter but again it wasn't a drastic change.

      Sorry I am not that comfortable sharing photos of my under arm. I'll have to take some courage for it yet. I post actual photos. :)