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Hi guys! You may already know that I do experience break outs even if I am pass my teenage years already! I really want to fix this so I finally decided to get a full range of facial care that is specially medicated for Acne prone skin. I decided to get something that is not too expensive but also not cheap. Here's my experience with Etude AC Clinic Daily line, I got their 3 products (facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer). They still have several products to help minimize acne, but I decided to get these first. I wanted something that will help me minimize breakouts first.

I already bought this before I found out that they have another facial wash from AC Clinic Line that is stronger. This is a foam wash:
  • You only need a soft pump and get a few amount of the product
  • Felt a squeaky clean feeling
  • Feels so light on the skin
  • Has a soft smell too which I do appreciate
  • Sealed with plastic 

I got a lot of product for this post :)

Now let's move on to the toner which is always the second step after facial wash. 
  • Like the foam wash, only need a few products to clean the face
  • It has a light distinct smell (I can describe it same as those of the after shave but so much lighter)
  • Has the right opening to get the product (product doesn't come out too much)
  • With seal which I really prefer
  • Clear in color
  • Doesn't have stingy feeling even if it's AC line
  • Feels clean on the face

Last for this post is the Gel Lotion, this is actually their moisturizer.
  • Has the same smell with the toner
  • Also sealed
  • Also needs a few amount for the whole face
  • Light on the face 
  • Thick but not super thick
  • Can be easily spread on the face
  • Not sticky

I started using last March 29 and up to now I still have not yet finished all three products. Using it daily so it's basically sulit! But I will be able to finish faster the toner then the facial wash. The moisturizer will last longer. 

What I noticed happened to my skin while using this product:
  • After a month of using, I noticed that I experienced more break out, continuous break out
  • But after around 1 and 1/2 month to 2 months, lesser break out
  • My face is not that oily anymore, don't notice shine on my face during afternoons
  • My face didn't dried up even if these are for acne prone skin
  • I still experience break outs but not as much already (this is also partnered that I try to sleep early as much as I can)
Overall, I think this is a good product for acne prone skin. It is value for money as it can last pretty long. It's also light on the face and no other side effects.

I would want to continue using these products. I would also want to try their spot or acne treatment.

What do you think?


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