HK Disneyland Outfit

Oh No!! And Yes... It's been a while since my last post! I've been busy and I've been very tired so I was trying to get my needed rest. I've been busy with both work and personal stuff plus I've also been traveling! As much as I can, I tried to document so that I can share some with you. :)

Last April I went to HK Land for our company incentive trip! YIIPPPEEE!!! Thank You God for your blessing! And of course a visit to the Happiest Place is a must! All the kids at heart have the excuse or the chance again to feel like children and just have fun in this magical place! So here's what I wore, made sure to wear comfortable outfit plus breezy and cool! During our visit, we checked that the weather would be hot, though it rained for a while, over all it was still hot! So during any travel, make sure to check the weather of your destination! During travels too, I always wear comfortable footwear plus I prefer a sling bag with good storage plus I wear a few accessories only. Don't want the hassle of mixing and matching and also having the chance to leave some of them. Tip: Bring an accessory that can be worn with any outfit. 

(H&M top, Bershka shorts, Ice Watch, Jade Necklace, Prada bag, Primaluxe Manila Footwear)

Here's my blooper post! I have a photo bomber :)

Here are some more of the outfits that I wore during that trip. I wasn't able to document all my outfit for that trip.



  1. Such lovely pictures and you look great! So jealous, I wanna be there haha!


  2. Aw you're so sweet Taylor! Disney Land is really a magical place! You should come and visit Asia specially Philippines!