Sweet and Sexy

Started this outfit with the zebra dress as agin I want to wear something breezy and comfortable on a Saturday errand day. We should really put more fashion here in the Philippines! Fashion doesn't necessary need to be pricey! Fashion is something that we can interpret our own style! Style and Fashion please emerge more here in the Philippines!  

This is actually a dress that is cut into 2 different styles and textures! I love wearing this type of dress specially when in a hurry! No need for extra styling and fear of matching the wrong ensemble specially with an animaln print top. But I wanted to cut the look of this dress to give me the illusion of more curves. And the way to go is of course! Belt it is!

I actually have this belt I think since high school or college? But I don't use it often or haven't actually use it? So when I saw it on my compilation of belt, I knew that it will be perfect to this one piece dress and make the look more sophisticated due to it's gold color. But it also somehow casual looking due to the casusal design. Great right?? Didn't really imagine that I will still wear this belt at this point of my life. haha

Since I am running errands, I want to look a little more casusal so I put some colors into this outfit with my bad and shoes. Again, I love colors but I can use colors with out looking too young or high schoolish. I am no star circle batch 2013 generation. So putting color may be in the form of accessories or foot wear!

You can notice that this dress is actually sheer! So it's a little sexy as it is also in animal print. For this look, I am mixing sweet and sexy and it work! Hmm... I think I'll try to wear more of this look?? What do you think?

Sorry for my enormous arm! haha

Wearing again this super comfortable Anthology flats!
Matching color with the bag!
With this heat! I really don't like to pile on accessories. But hey! We can still look stylish with out accessories.

(BKK dress, long time ago belt, The Cambridge Satchel Bag, Anthology Foot wear)


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