Palmolive Naturals Vibrant Color Pomegranate Conditioner

After using Palmolive Naturals Vibrant Color Shampoo and Conditioner, I will now share with you my experience with the conditioner only. Like the shampoo and conditioner, I am testing this product with the attribute of conditioning only.

Since I have long thick hair, I know that I should use the 2 sachets at once. 

with out flash
with flash
with out flash
with flash

My Experience:
  • Like the other conditioners, this is color white and has a thick creamy texture
  • Unlike the shampoo and conditioner, this conditioner has the fruity smell and don't have the distinct Palmolive shampoo smell
  • It gave my hair instant smoothness 
  • It made my hair look good, not frizzy and made it fall into place with out styling it
  • But I felt that the smoothness feeling didn't last until the night
  • Again, I didn't test this product to check out if it does prevent colored hair to fade
  • Not so conditioning but it did what it should do. If you need instant conditioning this product is ok but for more deep conditioning, this is not for you


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