Yabu Original Katsu Set

Yabu we meet again! After my first Yabu experience, I've been eyeing to go back again to try their other menu. And true enough, every time I visit Yabu I am able to try their different offers. For this post,  I tried their Original Katsu Set. Original Katsu Set is still a Katsudon but the saucy Katsudon. This is very popular in Japanese restaurants! For Yabu, it is dipped in egg and dredged in fresh panko. With the Yabu signature, it comes with miso soup, unlimited Japanese rice, unlimited cabbage, fresh fruits and side dish!

Look how yummy and juicy it looks! And true enough, it's very juicy, flavorful and yummy! It's taste like other Katsudon but the difference is in the sauce and the tenderness of the meat. Though it's dipped in a sauce, it's not soggy! I don't know but I felt that the rice in this set is better! Haha Maybe it's just me. But this is one good set if you are a "saucy" person.

I thought that since this is saucy, I won't need their signature Katsu sauce but I found myself still using it again!

 What's good with Yabu is that they have a nice Japanese interior. It's has a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The Yabu staffs are all very friendly and accommodating.

I hope to visit Yabu again soon!


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