La Best Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream

It's already 2013! How time flies! It's been a year of blogging! It's just now as I am typing that I realized that it's my anniversary as a blogger! Happy anniversary to me! Thank You for all of my followers which are mostly my friends, relatives and co-bloggers! Kidding aside, to all who have been browsing Stylestat... from the bottom of my heart! Thank You very much! I hope you will still continue to visit my blog as I will try my best to blog more often! 

As the start of the year, I hope you all had great Holiday Vacation, get together and hopefully rest! I was away during the later part of the Holiday Season and I want to share with you some of my experience. I actually went to Korea, K-Pop it is! But for this post, I would like to share with you some Korean treats that I tried during my short visit at K-Land!

Though it was freezingly cold! Our family still always try to grab some Ice Cream on our travels, so here's my Ice Cream experience at Korea! haha By the way, it didn't made us feel colder so ice cream lang ng ice cream! My sister in law is my Ice Cream guru every time we go abroad together. She introduced La Best Ice Cream to me and I chose Strawberry flavor as it looked yummy! It was available in other flavors too like Chocolate.

What sets apart La Best Ice Cream is that it is coated chocolate strawberry while others are coated with chocolate only. Look at the strawberry bits from the coated chocolate strawberry!

It tastes very strawberry, specially the ice cream. The chocolate strawberry coating was sweet but it was manageable. The ice cream inside was very creamy and not that sweet. Over all, this is Love! I hope to find this here in the Philippines. What's great about La Best is that it does not melt easily ( by the way, we were in the room with heater while we ate La Best).  I super love this Ice Cream!

Here are some more treats that I was able to take pictures.. I had so much fun that I was not able to document the other treats that I tried.

I was actually choosing what yougurt drink to buy but I ended up getting this. This is actually flavored milk. It taste light milky but the flavors strawberry and choclate are very much flavorful! Lasang lasa talaga yung mga flavors! It's not super sweet which I like! I am sure that children will love this type of milk! Bagay yata ang taste palette ko with Korean foods! haha!!

Lastly, I want to share with you this Ice Cream that I tried when we were at Nami Island (where they shot Winter Sonata). This is very creamy! Ang sarap talaga! And since we were in a freezingly super duper cold place, it didn't melt and looked like a frozen ice cream. haha! 

I am looking forward to a great 2013 ahead of us! 


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